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"Summer Ice Creams" July Dressage Results!

Updated: Jan 14

I love the Summer Ice Creams tests - the ice cream shapes are just so fun to ride! They introduce another really useful way to change the rein too :D

Demi Dressage ice cream themed rosettes

As always, results are published on the Demi Dressage Facebook page in the order they come in, but are published here in class order for ease of reference.




Summer Ice Cream Results - Green!

The Green tests have their place not just for those at the beginning of their riding and dressage journeys, but those needing to build confidence in riding a test. They're just in walk, so the rider can really concentrate on all the other elements of test riding such as their accuracy and harmony with their pony, without worrying about changing paces. Green tests can be ridden on or off the lead rein, but we only had lead rein riders enter this month! 

GREEN (Lead Rein)

1st - Edith and Shortcake - 74.4%

2nd - Emily and Shamri - 70.3%

3rd - Jasmine and Louie - 68.4%

4th - Annie and Robbie - 67.5%

5th - Kimberley and Casper - 65.6%

6th - Bonnie and Maisie - 62.5% 

The Highest Placed Welsh Pony special goes to Jasmine and Louie!



Summer Ice Cream Results - Yellow!

The Yellow tests are a step above Green, and introduce a little bit of trotting, but not as much or as complex as you'd find in a BD Intro (or our Yellow-Plus!) It's the perfect confidence-boosting stepping stone between entry level walk-only tests, and a full 'walk-trot' test! Yellow tests can be ridden on or off the lead rein, or Assisted, we only had two Assisted this month so Lead Rein and Assisted are combined. 


1st - Eva and Millie - 71.6%

2nd - Eilidh and Zulu - 70.3%

3rd - Ivy and Billy - 69.7%

4th - Isabel and Flossie - 65.8%

5th - Summer and Bob - 64.2%

6th - Perdie and Toodles - 62.1% 

YELLOW (Lead Rein and Assisted):

1st - Daisy and Cracker (LR) - 70.3%

=2nd - Kimberley and Casper (LR) - 67.6%

=2nd - Avy and Lily (LR) - 67.6%

3rd - Isla and Toodles (LR) - 66.1%

4th - Aspen and Wilf (LR) - 65.3%

5th - Elena and Rocky the Rockstar (A) - 63.4%

6th - Sophie and Lana (A) - 62.1% 

The Highest Placed Welsh Pony specials go to Eva and Millie, and Daisy and Cracker!


Summer Ice Cream Results - Yellow-Plus!

Yellow-Plus tends to be out most popular level, certainly the one most riders remain at longest as they consolidate their test riding skills before moving up to tests with canter in! Much like Blue, we tend to see a wide range of riders at this level - those new to Demi Dressage, along with those who have started with us at the lower levels and progressed diligently up. 


1st - Sophie and Joey - 73.3%

2nd - Emma and Ollie - 71.2%

3rd - Willow and Pumpkin - 67.4%

4th - Elis and Rocky the Rockstar - 66%

5th - Quinn and Peppa - 65%

6th - Lucy and Autumn - 64.3% 

The Highest Placed Welsh Pony special goes to Emma and Ollie!


Summer Ice Cream Results - Blue!

The Blue level is such a fun class, totally unique to Demi Dressage! It allows young riders the chance to have a go at putting some canter elements in a test without any complex movements. It's a perfect stepping stone between Intro and Prelim, and also a great goal for riders who are very motivated to canter but aren't really ready for Prelim level movements!

We tend to see a wide range of riders at this level - from those just stepping up to 'first canter' tests, to those working on establishing their test riding before moving on to Red/BD Prelim. 


1st - Eva and Diva - 75.2%

2nd - Rose and Bert - 67.9%

3rd - Florence and Peppa - 67.3%

4th - Dora and Shortcake - 65.6%

5th - Izzy and Frosty - 63.8%

6th - Brooke and Just Charlie - 63.1% 

The Highest Placed Welsh Pony special goes to Eva and Diva!


Summer Ice Cream Results - Red!

We've got lots of you on summer holidays and camps and wotnot this month, so once again a small class for the Reds. Red is our highest level, with canter movements similar to BD Prelim - just in a more child-friendly way!

A small class it may be, but I'm delighted with the winner, who I know has worked really hard over the past year now to take on board Susy's feedback and improve her pony's rhythm and therefore scores. Ffion, it is your moment to shine - well done!!


1st - Ffion and Poppy - 69.4%

2nd - Jed and Songbird - 67%










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