Events and Results

Full Event Calendar for 2021 

(Later closing dates tbc - please note winter dates coincide with school holidays, and most summer dates are the LAST SUNDAY of the month, but where the weekend is very close to the month end, closing dates may fall over into the first Sunday of the next month!)

December/January: "Christmas Stocking" Dressage - closing date Sunday 10th January 2021

February half term: “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” Fun Dressage - closing date Sunday 21st February

March: “Spring Into Action” Spring Prix Caprilli and  *NEW* "Spring Rabbit" Dressage - closing date Sunday 28th March

April: "Smarties Easter Circles" Dressage - closing date Sunday 25th April

May: "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Dressage - including Special rosette for highest placed Pony Club members in each class - closing date Sunday 30th May 

June: "Summer Ice Creams" Dressage - closing date Sunday 4th July

Current Event:

July: "Unicorn Waterfall" Dressage - including Special rosette for best 🦄 unicorn 🦄 in each class! - closing date Sunday 1st August

August: "Back To School Squares" - including Special rosette for oldest pony (veteran/schoolmaster) in each class! - closing date Sunday 5th September

September: Photo and Video Show with fun and ridden classes for all abilities! Including Best of Show Championship - tbc

October half term: Autumn Prix Caprilli and Dressage - tbc


Full details and the tests to be downloaded will be available below, and on the Current Event page when each event opens.

July - Unicorn Waterfalls Dressage!

Closing date Sunday 1st August

New to the calendar last year, our mystical unicorn-themed tests were very popular and one of our favourites! You will need four poles to make your 'bridges' for the unicorn tests, laid out as shown on the arena diagram on the test sheet.

These child-friendly dressage tests cater for all abilities including walk only/simple walk and trot (including lead rein) and easy 'first canter' tests. They 'layer up' beautifully, so if you have always wanted to try entering two tests but have been unsure because learning two is too complicated - these are the ones to try.

We know many of you love to get dressed up, and so there is a Special rosette in each class for the best unicorn-themed fancy dress!

Classes are as follows:

  • GREEN and GREEN Lead Rein (walk only, on or off Lead Rein – will be combined if low entries)

  • YELLOW and YELLOW Lead Rein plus *NEW* YELLOW Assisted (walk/simple trot, on or off Lead Rein or with assistance* – will be combined if low entries)

  • YELLOW-PLUS (extended walk/trot)

  • BLUE (walk/trot/simple canter)

  • RED (walk/trot/canter)

Rosettes 1st to 6th in each class.

*Assistance - our new Yellow Assisted class allows a person in the arena with the rider for moral support. Leading (of any form, including walking just in front of the pony) is NOT allowed, and will be classed as Lead Rein. The person may however move around the arena as required.

Please see our Rider Levels page for more information on our colour-coded levels.

All Classes are open to all riders aged 16 and under, on any size horse or pony.

Only £10 per entry *including* UK postage of your sheet, rosette and sweets!

OVERSEAS COMPETITORS - please note that you will need to add and pay for the Overseas Postage option to accompany your Dressage Test Entries if you wish to have your test sheet and rosette posted out (if you do not pay for this, a copy of your test sheet will be emailed to you, so please make sure we have a correct email address with your entry)

Entries can be made now via our website - click on Enter Now! The Closing date for the July Unicorn Waterfall Dressage is Sunday 1st August. Entries *and* videos must be received by this day!

You can download the tests and get practising by clicking on the image below!