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Competing with Demi Dressage

What is Demi Dressage?

- the first and only online dressage exclusively for young riders

- every child gets a rosette (even if they are unplaced)!

- colour-coded levels and fun themed child-friendly tests encourage confidence as well as progression

- regular competitions held in line with UK school holidays

- open to riders any age up to 16, on any size of horse or pony

- classes from walk only, and including Lead Rein, for riders of any ability

- any tack or bits (including bitless) are allowed with no penalty until you get to our highest Red level

- compete against riders from all over the world, all from the security of your own yard - no need for special gear, or expensive transport

- just enter and film your test, upload it to us and wait for judging!

- all tests judged together on the same day just like a real competition

- all test sheets posted out with helpful comments - and sweets!

- we are riders and mums ourselves, and our only aim is to encourage all children of all abilities to enjoy learning with their ponies, build their confidence and have fun!

Get started now!

Check out our How To Enter page...

Our unique colour-coded Rider Levels...

Read our Rules before entering, and if this is all totally new to you, why not check out our FAQs too?

Remember, you can always ask if you are unsure about anything - just message via the Demi Dressage facebook page, or send an email - we're here to help!

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