How To Enter

Entering is easy!

There is lots of information about Demi Dressage, including our Rider Levels, FAQs and our Rules, on our website and our Facebook page, but if you have never taken part in online dressage before we sell a useful ‘Welcome Pack‘ for just £3.50 (£6 for two sets of gifts if you have siblings) which contains extra hints and tips for you as well as welcome gifts for your child! You can buy these via our online shop (Just click on Enter Now!) Price includes UK postage.

Our useful 'Welcome Pack' is available with a 'Test Entry' gift voucher if you wish to purchase it as a gift (£13 including one test entry fee). We also now have Welcome Packs with a variety of gift items including riding gloves, hoofpicks, colouring books and more!

CLASSES: Our standard dressage events offer five to seven classes to suit all levels of riders:

  • GREEN and GREEN Lead Rein (walk only, on or off Lead Rein – will be combined if low entries)

  • YELLOW and YELLOW Lead Rein plus *NEW* YELLOW Assisted (walk/simple trot, on or off Lead Rein or with assistance – will be combined if low entries)

  • YELLOW-PLUS (extended walk/trot)

  • BLUE (walk/trot/simple canter)

  • RED (walk/trot/canter)

Please see our Rider Levels page for more information on the colour-coded levels.

In Spring and Autumn we run a Prix Caprilli (a dressage test with jumps in!) and these follow a slightly different format with just three classes:

  • GREEN (Walk/Trot Lead Rein, suitable for those riding at Green and Yellow level)

  • YELLOW (Walk/Trot Off Lead, suitable for those riding at Yellow Plus and Blue level) 

  • RED (Walk/Trot/Canter Off Lead, suitable for those riding at Blue and Red level)

NEW for 2020 - Dressage classes (Green, Yellow, Red as per Prix Caprilli) running alongside our Demi Dressage Prix Caprilli classes, for those who would prefer not to leave the ground!

All details for each event, including the tests you need to ride, can be found on the Current Event page at the relevant times.

BEFORE YOU ENTER – please read our RULES, in particular with regard to how to film your videos!

ENTERING: Choose your class based on the levels above – the test sheets for each event are available to download as a pdf on the Current Event page for Dressage tests, and the Groundwork Tests page for Groundwork. 

You can now enter online via our website - just click on the ENTER NOW! tab to go to our online shop! Payment can be made via PayPal (including credit/debit cards if you do not have an account) or there is the option to check out and make a payment via BACS. If you choose to do this, please note that although you will get an automated entry email confirmation from the website, you WILL NOT be entered until you have paid. If you would like to check your BACS payment has gone through, you can email

PLEASE NOTE although we happily accept overseas competitors (additional postage charge automatically calculated at checkout) we are only able to accept payment via PayPal if you are outside of the UK.

Once you have entered, you will need to upload your video to us before the closing date. See the Uploading Your Video page for more help with this.

Please TITLE your video CLEARLY - Rider and Pony Name, the level / test they are doing. This is particularly important if you are sending us more than one video link e.g for two tests or if you have different riders/ponies.

RIDING SCHOOLS: We offer a discount on bulk entry fees for Riding School Riders*, as long as they are made together by a single representative from the Riding School. All sheets and rosettes will be posted to this single person who made the entries. Please email to register interest for your Riding School clients and to get your discount code.

*A 'riding school rider' is defined as a riding school client who has lessons (and competes) on a pony/horse that is not their own.


SUMMER LEAGUE: All riders competing in any of our summer series (April to August) will automatically gain points towards our Summer League! Please see the Summer League page for more details.


NEWLY INTRODUCED is our Riding Schools Summer League* - this will initially run as two levels - Green/Yellow combined, and Yellow-Plus/Blue combined. These will be split if there is enough interest!