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Our current online dressage competition runs over the UK October half term, closing date Sunday 8th November 2020.

We've got something for everyone this October!

Our main event is our Demi Dressage Prix Caprilli (dressage with jumps!) and has three classes:

Prix Caprilli Green - walk/trot (Lead Rein)

Prix Caprilli Yellow - walk/trot

Prix Caprilli Red - walk/trot/canter

Jumps can be built at whatever height the rider is comfortable jumping - anything from a raised pole to 60cm! Jumping is judged on style and position, not height.

Download the Prix Caprilli tests here: 

OctoberHT Prix Caprilli tests.png

Alongside the Prix Caprilli classes this year we are also running pure dressage classes, and for the first time we are using The Pony Club Tests! This special October Half Term dressage will run as three classes:

Green - walk/trot (Lead Rein)

Yellow - walk/trot

Red - walk/trot/canter


Excitingly, we also have two dedicated classes (Green RS and Yellow RS) for Riding School Riders*! These have been sponsored by Pony Magic and will use the same  walk/trot test.

The Pony Club tests that will be used are:

Green / Yellow - Pony Club Walk and Trot Dressage Test 2013

Red - Pony Club Introduction to Dressage Test 2019

Note that you do not have to be a Pony Club member to enter the dressage tests - these classes are open to all. We thought it would be fun to trial some 'real world' tests instead of our Demi Dressage ones. However, in recognition of The Pony Club, there will be a Special rosette awarded to the highest placed Pony Club member in each class, so do let us know when you enter if you are a member.

All October classes have rosettes to 10th place! As this event coincides with Halloween there are also Special rosettes for the best Halloween Fancy Dress up for grabs in the Prix Caprilli classes!

*A 'riding school rider' is defined as a riding school client who has lessons on a pony/horse that is not their own.


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