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"Unicorn Waterfall" June Online Dressage

Closing date Sunday 30th June 2024

Our mystical unicorn-themed tests featuring a three-loop serpentine ‘waterfall’ are very popular and one of our favourites! You will need four poles to make your 'bridges' for these tests, laid out as shown on the arena diagram on the first page of the test sheets. Note that the poles are part of the test and must be included when filming!

These child-friendly dressage tests cater for all abilities including walk only/simple walk and trot (including lead rein) and easy 'first canter' tests. All our tests are designed to 'layer up', but the “Unicorn Waterfall” ones do so especially well, so if you have always wanted to try entering a level up as well as your usual test but have been unsure because learning two is too complicated - these are the ones to try.

We know many of you love to get dressed up, and so we have some Special rosettes to hand out for our favourite unicorn-themed fancy dress!

Alongside the ridden dressage tests, we have our popular Groundwork tests, using the same pole layout this month - see the Groundwork Tests page for more information on these <3

Demi Dressage is THE home of online competitions for young riders, and you can enter these tests from the comfort of your home yard - all you need is a horse or pony to ride and someone to film!

All Demi Dressage events are for riders ages 16 and under - no adults allowed! Any size of horse or pony is permitted, and all riders will received feedback, sweets and a themed rosette - even if unplaced.

Look forward to bright rainbow ribbon rosettes 1st to 6th in each class, and a mini Well Done rosette to all unplaced riders.


Classes are only £10 per entry plus postage – this includes your detailed feedback sheet, rosette and sweets!


Download your dressage tests to practice by clicking on the image of the test sheet below.


Don't forget to check out our Rules and FAQs, and you can also watch a Demo Video of a previous test showing you how to film for best marks on our Uploading Your Video page.

Classes for our "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Dressage are:

  • GREEN and GREEN Lead Rein (walk only, on or off Lead Rein – will be combined if low entries. Assistance* allowed in off lead section!)

  • YELLOW and YELLOW Lead Rein plus unique YELLOW Assisted (walk/simple trot, on or off Lead Rein or with Assistance* – will be combined if low entries)

  • YELLOW-PLUS (extended walk/trot)

  • BLUE (walk/trot/simple canter)

  • RED (walk/trot/canter)

​*Assistance – our Green off lead section and unique Yellow Assisted class allows a person in the arena with the rider for moral support. Leading (of any form, including walking just in front of the pony, or chivvying along from behind) is not allowed, and will be classed as Lead Rein. The person may however move around the arena to offer verbal encouragement as required.

Note that each Rider + Pony combination is only permitted to enter two consecutive levels to keep it fair to all. Please see our Rider Levels page for more information on our colour-coded levels. and how they connect.

OVERSEAS COMPETITORS - please note that you will need to add and pay for the Overseas Postage option to accompany your Dressage Test Entries if you wish to have your test sheet and rosette posted out (if you do not pay for this, a copy of your test sheet will be emailed to you, so please make sure we have a correct email address with your entry)​

Entries can be made now via our website - click on ENTER NOW on the menu! The Closing Date for this event is Sunday 30th June 2024. Entries *and* videos must be received by 10pm on this day! 

NOTE: As our fab judge Susy is having a well-deserved holiday at the end of June, the Green and Yellow tests this month will be judged by Chesca. Susy will judge the Yellow-Plus, Blue and Red tests as usual. 

Click the image to view the test sheets!

Pony dressaed as a unicorn


2023 was a really tough year for small businesses, and like many others out there, I have considered whether we can continue... Tiny businesses like this one rely heavily on word of mouthso please please help me to bring in more competitors by spreading the word amongst your horsey contacts! We have children competing with their own ponies, on parents horses, with share or loan ponies, and even some small riding schools taking part. Our tests are a wonderful thing to work towards in lessons, and we are always thinking of new ideas to bring fun to your children's riding.

If you can't compete this month, check out the infographic below to see how you can still help us on social media... Did you know a post with four or more comments is more likely to be seen? Your comments and post shares really do help!


Thank you x 


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2024 Competition Dates...

Provisional 2024 events and dates are listed on the main Event page, click the button below to quickly link there!

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