Current Event

Christmas holidays - "Christmas Stocking" Dressage

Closing date Sunday 9th January 2022

Our first test of the season is our festive-themed "Christmas Stocking" Dressage! Utilising changes of rein across the short diagonals, the Christmas Stocking Dressage runs with our usual eight classes catering for all abilities.


There are some Christmas Special rosettes for the best festive fancy dress in each class, and for the loudest rider wishing us a "Merry Christmas!" in the Green classes.

Demi Dressage is THE home of online competitions for young riders, and you can enter these tests from the comfort of your own yard - all you need is a pony to ride and someone to film!

All Demi Dressage events are for riders ages 16 and under - no adults allowed! Any size of horse or pony is permitted, and all riders will received feedback, sweets and a rosette - even if unplaced.


Download your dressage tests to practice by clicking on the image of the test sheet below.


Don't forget to check out our Rules, FAQs and watch a Demo Video of a previous test on our Uploading Your Video page.

Classes for our "Christmas Stocking" Dressage are:

  • GREEN and GREEN Lead Rein (walk only, on or off Lead Rein – will be combined if low entries)

  • YELLOW and YELLOW Lead Rein plus *NEW* YELLOW Assisted (walk/simple trot, on or off Lead Rein or with assistance* – will be combined if low entries)

  • YELLOW-PLUS (extended walk/trot)

  • BLUE (walk/trot/simple canter)

  • RED (walk/trot/canter)

Themed rosettes 1st to 6th in each class, and a mini Well Done rosette to all unplaced riders. As it's Christmas, there's also a Special rosette to the best Festive Fancy Dress in each class.

*Assistance - our new Yellow Assisted class allows a person in the arena with the rider for moral support. Leading (of any form, including walking just in front of the pony) is NOT allowed, and will be classed as Lead Rein. The person may however move around the arena as required.

Please see our Rider Levels website page for more information on our colour-coded levels.​

Only £10 per entry *including* UK postage of your sheet, rosette and sweets!

OVERSEAS COMPETITORS - please note that you will need to add and pay for the Overseas Postage option to accompany your Dressage Test Entries if you wish to have your test sheet and rosette posted out (if you do not pay for this, a copy of your test sheet will be emailed to you, so please make sure we have a correct email address with your entry)

Download your "Christmas Stocking" Dressage tests by clicking on the image below:


Full Event Calendar for 2022

(Later closing dates tbc - please note winter dates coincide with school holidays, and most summer dates are the LAST SUNDAY of the month, but where the weekend is very close to the month end, closing dates may fall over into the first Sunday of the next month!)

Current Event:

December/January: "Christmas Stocking" Dressage - closing date Sunday 9th January 2022

February half term: “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” Fun Dressage - closing date Sunday 27th February

March: “Spring Into Action” Spring Prix Caprilli and  *NEW* "Spring Rabbit" Dressage - closing date tbc

April: "Smarties Easter Circles" Dressage - closing date tbc

May half term: "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Dressage - including Special rosette for highest placed Pony Club members in each class - closing date tbc 

June: "Summer Ice Creams" Dressage - closing date tbc

July: "Unicorn Waterfall" Dressage - including Special rosette for best 🦄 unicorn 🦄 in each class! - closing date tbc

August: "Back To School Squares" - including Special rosette for oldest pony (veteran/schoolmaster) in each class! - closing date tbc

September: Photo and Video Show with fun and ridden classes for all abilities! Including Best of Show Championship - closing date tbc

October half term: Autumn Prix Caprilli and Dressage - closing date tbc

Non-Competitive: Our popular Weekly Winter Challenges return again for 2021/22, running throughout November and December 2021, and January 2022. Aimed particularly at the very novice and/or nervous rider, these fun challenges are ideal to help motivate your young children over the worst months of the year. See the Weekly Winter Challenges​ page for full details.


Full details of each event and the tests to be downloaded will be available below, and on the Current Event page when each event opens.