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"Spooky Eyes" November Dressage Results 2023

It's the final event of the Demi Dressage calendar - our year officially starts afresh tomorrow, 1st December. As you count down to Christmas, don't forget to also count down to the closing date of our first event of 2024 - the Christmas Stocking Dressage tests are on the website ready for you to practice, and the closing date is Sunday 7th January!

As always, results are published on the Demi Dressage Facebook page in the order they come in (actually they went in reverse order Red to Green this month!) but are published here in class order for ease of reference.


"Spooky Eyes" Dressage Results - Green!

And last but not least, the Greens. Our 'baby' test, for those just starting out or having confidence wobbles, these tests are just in walk (a few over the year have some optional trot, to ease you gently up to Yellow) however they still incorporate the same movements for riders to learn

Green tests can be ridden on or off the lead rein, and as this is such a key level for rider confidence, we are very relaxed about riders having some moral support (similar to our Yellow Assisted level) in the off lead section

Sections were combined this month due to numbers.

GREEN (off lead and lead rein):

1st - Edith and Shortcake - 71.5%

2nd - Amelia and Midnight (LR) - 70%

3rd - Sophie and Sir Winston Churchill (LR) - 68.5%

4th - Josie and Tinkerbell (LR) - 68.2%

5th - Rosa and TomTom (LR) - 66.5%

6th - Elsie and DelBoy (LR) - 65.3%

7th - Isabel and Flossie - 65%

Well done everyone!



"Spooky Eyes" Dressage Results - Yellow!

Down again to Yellow, this introductory walk-trot test is split into three sections - lead rein, assisted, and off lead - giving options for different ability levels and confidence at this important stage of learning to ride

As we had a rider who couldn't film, and the standard was very close, we have combined the assisted and off lead sections this month.

YELLOW (off lead and Assisted):

1st - Allegra and Hunney - 70.5%

2nd - Aveline and Sebby (A) - 70.3%

3rd - Santiago and Annie (A) - 70%

4th - Lizzie and Boxer (A) - 65.3%

5th - Isabel and Flossie - 64.2%

YELLOW (Lead Rein):

1st - Aria and Red - 71.1%

2nd - Bonnie and Maisie - 69.2%

3rd - Vivian and DelBoy - 68.7%

4th - Aspen and Wilf - 68.4%

5th - Bella and TomTom - 68.2%

6th - Molly and Pandora - 65.8%

Some great results especially for the numerous first-timers we have this month at this level - well done everyone!



"Spooky Eyes" Dressage Results - Yellow-Plus!

Onwards to Yellow-Plus, these extended walk-trot tests are always our most popular! They give young riders a really good feel for riding a 'proper' dressage test, without having to worry about cantering!

Once again we had a couple of riders who couldn't film due to the rain - it is always worth getting a practice film in earlier in the month just in case you find yourself with nothing to submit by the closing date!


1st - Paige and Comanche - 75%

2nd - Ellie and Jay - 73.8%

3rd - Kyla and Buddy - 69.3%

4th - Quinn and Peppa - 68.8%

5th - Ayla Rae and Binky - 67.3%

6th - Annalie and TomTom - 66%

7th - Poppy and TomTom - 65.8%

8th - Lilly and Sunny - 62.5%

A strong class as is usual for this level - well done everyone!



"Spooky Eyes" Dressage Results - Blue!

Moving down to Blue, our fab class which allows riders to get to grips with cantering with nice easy canter movements!

We had several more entries for this class but sadly there were quite a few who couldn't film for various reasons this month (not least the wet weather!)


1st - Florence and Peppa - 64.6%

2nd - Brooke and Just Charlie - 62.2%

3rd - Lilly and Sunny - 60.9%

Well done everyone <3



"Spooky Eyes" Dressage Results - Red!

Starting at the top this month, we had a really strong Red class! Which makes me really happy as this class is often quite unsupported, yet I know there are plenty of young riders out there who love their cantering

If you compete for your pony club, the canter movements in this test will help prepare you for the PC70!


1st - Freya and Eric - 78.4%

2nd - Eva and Diva - 74.4%

3rd - Immy and Wilbur - 74%

4th - Isabelle and Doodles - 72.4%

5th - Ffion and Poppy - 68.2%

6th - Ella and Jasper - 63.6%

7th - Jed and Songbird - 63.2%

Some really great riding from you guys! Well done everyone



Annnnnd that’s a wrap on our Spooky Eyes dressage… all your orange envelopes are in the post and winging their way to you now <3

I hope you enjoy treating your special ponies with our little ‘Happy 5th Birthday’ extra this month <3

We have a little quiet spell now before the Christmas Stocking tests! Time to reflect on what has certainly been a challenging year both personally and business-wise, and hopefully come back stronger soon.

Merry Christmas, and we hope to see you all - and hopefully some new friends - in 2024!


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