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Groundwork Tests


Our Groundwork Tests are making a comeback!

We first introduced these through the Covid Lockdowns, as an alternative to ridden activities, and as I am hugely passionate about groundwork in many forms, I am delighted to bring them back again now for the summer, as long as interest continues!

Groundwork with horses has so many benefits - studies have even proven that horses regularly trained with groundwork are more relaxed under saddle! For your young riders, groundwork is an excellent way to help them bond further with their ponies, and test their partnership and communication skills together. For those who are having ups and downs with their confidence, groundwork is a way they can still progress with their pony without the added nerves from being in the saddle.


June test: Groundwork Test 2

When entering, please indicate the handler's age, as the class will be split by age (9 and under, 10 and over) if there is a large number of entries.

Rosettes 1st - 6th place, mini Well Done rosette to all unplaced

Ponies can be led in either a headcollar or bridle - if using a bridle we recommend a long lead rope either attached to the noseband, or passed through the bit rings rather than using the reins which may be a bit short for some movements.


The handler MUST wear gloves and sensible footwear, and we strongly recommend wearing a hat too!

This event does NOT require a full size 20x40 arena, it can be done in any size/shape space including in a corner of a field, with the course laid out as indicated. You must however still follow our Rules, including filming in landscape from the judge's position at C. 


The entry fee for groundwork tests is £9 (plus postage) - this includes your detailed feedback sheet, rosette, and of course sweets!

You can see a demo of Groundwork Test 1 being performed by a (much younger!) MiniD and Maisie below (please note we advise wearing a hat when doing groundwork).

Closing Date for June entries and video submissions:

Sunday 30th June 2024


Please click on the image below to download the test


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