Novelty Photo Show Classes - Results!

🤩 Photo Show Results! Class 1 - Special Class "Summer Days"

Placings are to 10th in this MiniD-special class, and comments are all from MiniD hence the repetitiveness of some words 😂

1st - Frankie and Copper - It's a pretty photo with soft summer lighting and colours - and I love the headcollar!
2nd - Evie and Kymmie - The horse is very shiny, and very good with the little girl.
3rd - Jess and Alvin - The birthday cake looks amazing! (Can we have the recipe?)
4th - Katie and My Sweet Pumpkin Pie - It looks like a nice summer hack in this photo <3
5th - Chloe and Mickey - It looks so pretty and peaceful, like a fairy story!
6th - Sofia and Crystal - What a pretty view!
7th - Robyn and Drummer - A lovely beach, what a fun place to ride!
8th - Poppy and Yentl - The pony looks cheeky but very cute! The browband is pretty.
9th - Bella and Ralph, Milly and Dilly - Looks lovely, sisters hacking together <3 (I think MiniD was wishing to have a sister here 😳)
10th - Jemima and DeeDee - We love pony picnics!


🤩 Photo Show Results! Class Two - Tiny Tots

This was a chance for the younger siblings to get in on the action - this class was open to all 'tiny tots' whether ridden or on the ground with their ponies, and as MiniD is currently obsessed with (and loving being a 'big pony sister'!) to three young girls who ride Tangle, I handed over the judging and comments to her once more, as I love her insights!

So first place was kind of no surprise, as MiniD does love a good unicorn! But it was the endearing little wave that really sold us on this one 🥰

1st - Allegra and Hunney - I love the unicorn, and the cute wave!
2nd - Penelope and Blue - I like that she's riding her big sister's pony already!
3rd - Linda and Stajke - The pony is very cute! They look happy together.
4th - Oscar, Theo and Pheobe - We love that both children are enjoying the pony <3 (again, I think MiniD has warm fluffy ideas about having a sibling!)
5th - Oliver and Penny - He looks very happy to be riding, even bareback! (said with a degree of awe... <3 )
6th - Jack and Delboy - Very cute, enjoy your ride Jack! (Possible fond memories to when MiniD used to ride every morning - darn it doesn't school get in the way of pony fun 😂 )
Special - Evie and Ash - What a sweet cuddle 


🤩 Photo Show Results! Class 3 - Fancy Dress

This was another MiniD-class, once again maybe no surprise that her winner was a unicorn... this was a real throwback to July's Unicorn Dressage where ALL THE GREYS came out in force with their coloured chalks and pony paint 🥰😂🦄

1st - Hannah and Bumble - It's a very pretty unicorn! (We also loved the overall elegance of the photo, including Hannah's outfit which tones beautifully with the colours in Bumble's mane!)
2nd - Jack and Bridgy the Wonder Pony - Superhero pony! It's a cool cape, the pony is very good.
3rd - Milly and Rambo - I like how the pony is wearing the school uniform too!
4th - Millie and Griffin - Yummy, summer ice cream! (Closely followed by hungry-eyes 'is the ice cream real Mummy?' 😂 )
5th - Fflur and Betty - the pony is wearing giant sunglasses! #giggles
6th - Jemima and DeeDee - (as wildly uneducated fancy-dressers I confess neither of us were quite quite sure if this was a character we should know of or not - but it had a unicorn horn and therefore scored highly in MiniD's eyes!) The unicorn horn is huge! And I love the bright colours.
Special - Haf and Pickles - They look very spooky* and purple!
Special - Leah-Mai and the Flintstones - This one was a little lost on MiniD as she's never heard of the Flintstones - but it's great to see the whole family getting in on the act! 🤩

*Don't forget our October Prix Caprilli and Dressage runs over half term week which is also Halloween - there is a spooky-special rosette for the best Halloween fancy dress in each class!

Ridden Photo Show Classes - Results!

Firstly, well done to *everyone* who entered the ridden classes - all the photo classes were well attended, and we had a great response to our first time doing video showing classes too! The biggest classes were Best Walk, Best Trot and Best Jump - all had well over 20 entrants, and Best Trot was closer to 30! So it's been highly competitive, and whilst sadly there are only 6 placings, do remember everyone in the ridden classes will get a Well Done rosette, individual feedback and of course sweets in the post when it's all wrapped up 💖


🤩 Photo Show Results! Class 4 - Best Walk

1st - India and Hunney - Looking very focussed with a tidy and correct position. Just watch to keep stirrup on the ball of the foot for a secure lower leg.
2nd - Imogen and Stowbrook Snipe
3rd - Chloe and Fagan
4th - Hector and Hunney
5th - Miles and Yogi
6th - Katie and My Sweet Pumpkin Pie
Special - Milly and Dilly
Special - Isaac and Ben


🤩 Photo Show Results! Class 5 - Best Trot

1st - Bella and Ralph - A lovely balanced position with a secure lower leg, showing a good hand position and steady contact - well done!
2nd - Ioan and Blaze
3rd - Harper and Blue
4th - Sofia and Crystal
5th - Arwel and Chance
6th - Millie and Griffin
Special - Willow and Peni Rocket
Special - Daisy and Delboy


🤩 Photo Show Results! Class 6 - Best Canter

1st - Chloe and Mickey - A lovely balanced position and confidence in an open space - both pony and rider look thoroughly relaxed and enjoying themselves!
2nd - Frankie and Flora
3rd - Poppy and Bob
4th - Sterre and Bumble
5th - Lleucu and Dolly
6th - Miles and Yogi
Special - Daisy and Missy


🤩 Photo Show Results! Class 7 - Best Jump Photo

Whew, this was another huuuuuuge class! Lots of you enjoying all kinds of jumping: out at shows, on XC courses, over poles at home, even natural jumps found out hacking! Don't forget if jumping is your thing, our next event is our spook-tacular October Prix Caprilli - tests are available to download from the Current Event page of the website!

1st - Polly and Rosie - What a great jump! Good giving hands from the rider and overall good balance - remember to keep lower leg forwards underneath you a little more.
2nd - William and Star
3rd - India and Benjie
4th - Frankie and Flora
5th - Robyn and Drummer
6th - Cara and Ollie
Special - Poppy and Impy


🤩 Photo Show Results! Class 8 - Best Groundwork

We've had a great response to the introduction of our Groundwork classes this year! Do you think this is something you'll continue in the 2021 season, or was it a Lockdown-2020 'one hit wonder'? We've found it can be very beneficial for confidence both in and out of the saddle, as well as adding variety/interest 😊

We had a great variety of photos entered in the Groundwork Class - it was wonderful to see so many young handlers doing different activities with their ponies!

1st - Ioan and Blaze
This photo captures a lovely 'moment in time' of this fairly new partnership doing some liberty work - we liked how it shows a soft connection and bond with the pony totally focussed on the handler, and the handler showing quiet but clear direction and focus 🥰
(Did you know, backing your pony up in-hand is excellent for engaging their core muscles - the muscles they need to be strong in order to carry a rider comfortably!)
2nd - Katie and Pumpkin
3rd - Lewi-Jai and Toffee
4th - Sophie and Duggee
5th - Emily and Duggee
6th - Sterre and Bumble


A reminder that all 1st and 2nd places from the ridden classes will go through to our Ridden Photo Show Championship, there's a gorgeous big Champion and Reserve Champion pair of rosettes up for grabs!

Ridden Video Show Classes - Results!

All video classes have been scored out of 10, and those scores have determined the placings. Hopefully it goes without saying now that all riders will receive helpful feedback on their entry in the post with their rosette and sweets!

🤩 Video Shows Results! Class 9 - Lead Rein Showing

First of all, a BIG thank you to everyone who got stuck in with your first ever 'video showing' show! With four classes, there was something for all abilities! The feedback has been brilliant, and we'll definitely be running these again at our next Photo Show - they're a great way to have a go at online video showing without the pressure of a set dressage test to follow.

1st - Harper and Blue - 6/10
2nd - Lucy and Penny - 5.5/10
3rd - Sophie and Lana - 5/10


🤩 Video Shows Results! Class 10 - First Ridden Showing

The second of our video showing classes - this class was aimed at our Green/Yellow level riders riding off the lead in walk and trot (the amount of trot is entirely at the rider's discretion).

1st - Ioan and Blaze - 7/10
2nd - Amelia and Alfie - 6.5/10
3rd - Lleucu and Dolly - 6/10
4th - Isabel and Flossie - 5/10


🤩 Video Shows Results! Class 11 - Ridden Showing

The third of our video showing classes - this class was aimed at our Yellow-Plus and Blue/Red level riders riding off the lead in walk, trot and canter (the amount of canter is entirely at the rider's discretion, and for at least a couple of the riders in the class, this was their first time doing any canter in a competition setting!)

1st - Haf and Pickles - 8/10
2nd - Fflur and Betty - 7/10
3rd - Eliza and Breeze - 6.5/10
=4th - Poppy and Bob - 6/10
=4th - Sterre and Bumble - 6/10
=5th - Grug and Yogi - 5.5/10
=5th - Jess and Alvin - 5.5/10
6th - Poppy and Dolly - 5/10
=7th/Special - Seana and ISPCA Marge - 4.5/10
=7th/Special - Lilia and Lily - 4.5/10


🤩 Video Shows Results! Class 12 - Jumping (Style and Performance)

The fourth and final of our video showing classes - this class was for riders wanting to leave the ground! Riders had to show us a video of themselves jumping, be that over one or two training fences or a full course, and in trot or canter. Judging was based on 'style and performance' i.e. predominantly on the rider - their balance and security, jump position, rhythm and fluency including use of space, turns and lines etc, rather than the height or technicality of the jumps.

1st - Jess and Alvin - 7/10
2nd - Robyn and Charm - 6.5/10
=3rd - Sterre and Bumble - 6/10
=3rd - Haf and Pickles - 6/10
4th - Poppy and Rose - 5/10
5th - Sophie Rose and Lucy - 4.5/10
=6th - Fflur and Betty - 4/10
=6th - Sofia and Crystal - 4/10

All 1st and 2nd placings will go forward to our Ridden Video Show Championship, where there's a cool Champion and Reserve Champion rosette up for grabs!

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