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We’re trying not to get too bogged down by complicated ‘Rules’ – but here are the essentials. As ever, please contact us via the Facebook page or email if you need ANY help or expansion of any topic – we will do our best to accommodate anything!

Before You Enter
1. Demi Dressage is the only online dressage aimed exclusively at children. Our maximum age is up to and including 16 years old. Classes therefore must be entered on behalf of the rider by a parent/guardian, and in doing so you accept these Rules and abide by them on your rider’s behalf.
2. We currently offer five levels – Green (walk only), Yellow (walk/trot), Yellow-Plus (extended walk and trot), Blue (walk, trot and simple canter) and Red (walk, trot, canter). Pony and rider combinations may only enter two adjacent levels e.g. a pony and rider riding a Green test may also ride a Yellow test, but not a Yellow-Plus or Blue test (see our Rider Levels Guide for full details of each level). Green and Yellow tests can be ridden on the Lead Rein.
3. If you have more than one rider sharing the same pony, the pony can be ridden in tests at any level, and there is no maximum number of tests a pony can take part in, in any one competition (however out of fairness to the pony, if it is being ridden in more than 2-3 tests, we suggest filming them on different days!)
4. Once entered and paid for, Entry Fees cannot be refunded – if necessary you may roll over (one time) to the next competition if you contact us in good time to request this.
5. Entry Fees are: Dressage and Groundwork: £10 per test; Prix Caprilli: £12 per test (£10 'Earlybird' if entered in advance); Photo Shows and other 'special' events have their own pricing. A postage fee of £1.50 is added at the checkout to the UK only. Non-UK competitors may either pay the additional postage required, or we can email your test sheet if you prefer (we’ll also happily email a certificate instead of a rosette if you choose to do this!) All entries can be made online at and you can checkout either through Paypal or BACS.
6. Your child rides at their own/your risk. Demi Dressage accepts no responsibility for any injury occurred to either pony or rider whilst recording their video entry. A suitable safe riding hat, gloves and appropriate footwear MUST be worn.

Riding and Filming
7. The tests must be filmed in landscape format from the judge’s usual position – this is outside of the arena just behind the C marker – directly in line with A and C (the ‘centre line’). There is a 2 mark penalty if filmed in portrait or if not filmed from C. (If you are filming your test in an indoor school stand at C, and ask your rider to cut off the bottom metre of the school so that we can still see them – and so they do not squash you as they ride past! Use poles to mark the ‘new’ corners/short side if you need to.) See our Demo Video to give you an idea of how to film correctly for best marks.
8. The test must be submitted as a single video – this means no cuts/editing – and it MUST have sound. It needs to start from before the rider makes their turn down the centre line (we suggest before either K or F depending on which rein they are entering off) and finish after they have walked off from their final halt and salute (ideally giving their pony a pat beforehand!)
9. The horse/rider must be in the frame at all times. Zooming is allowed particularly when the rider is at the A end, but we need to see enough of the school to be able to assess the accuracy of movements. More tips on filming are in our useful Welcome Pack which you can purchase via the website.
10. The test needs to be filmed in a marked area ideally of a standard ‘small dressage arena’ size i.e. 20m x 40m – however if your riding space is a little smaller we will still accommodate you! If the space is bigger, e.g. wider than 20m or longer than 40m, use poles or dressage boards to mark the correct width/length.
11. All riders can have the tests called. The caller may only read the exact movements as they are written on the test sheet – no coaching is allowed, however movements called may be repeated (especially for the younger children – we also don’t mind you prompting which way is left or right!).
12. Green and Yellow (walk only and simple walk/trot) tests can be ridden on the Lead Rein. The number of entrants/class sizes will determine whether these are judged as their own separate classes, combined as a single percentage-based Lead Rein class, or split into sections at each level.

Tack and Rider Clothing
13. Ideally all tests are to be ridden in ‘dressage legal’ tack – i.e. snaffle bit/bridle and no martingales. Green, Yellow, Yellow-Plus and Blue riders may enter classes using any non-legal bit, including bitless, and/or item of tack (e.g. Dutch gag, Pelham, running martingale) without penalty, but in the event of a tied score the pony/rider with dressage-legal tack will receive the higher placing.
14. Red riders may also ride with non-legal bits or tack, including bitless, but will receive a 2 mark penalty for doing so.
15. ‘Grass reins’ or ‘Daisy reins’ are permitted at all levels, as long as they are fitted in line with the Pony Club rules (please contact us if you are unsure). This includes the patented ‘Balanced Support Reins’.
16. Boots, bandages, your child’s most favourite colourful saddlecloth, even a unicorn horn (!) are all allowed – we want your child to have FUN! Remember for seasonal events e.g. Christmas/Easter, we award a Special rosette for the best themed/fancy dress.
17. The rider may carry an appropriate whip if necessary, but spurs are not permitted (unless dispensation given, see Rule 22). Inappropriate use of the whip may be penalised.
18. Riders MUST wear a suitable safe riding hat, appropriate footwear and gloves, even if fancy dress is being worn e.g. for one of our seasonal events.
19. Body protectors are recommended, but do not have to be worn.
20. Riders do not need to wear show attire, but tidy clothing will enable the judge to see your position and potentially increase your collective marks!
21. For lead rein classes, we do not mind what the leader is wearing!
22. For disabled or “special needs” riders, if you require any special consideration or dispensation regarding tack or clothing (e.g. no stirrups), please contact us.

Entries, Judging and Rosettes
23. All test videos must be sent to us by the end of the day on the competition closing date (uploading and sending us a link via YouTube is the easiest way to get your tests to us – please title them clearly so we can easily identify you!) NOTE: It would help us plan the number of hours required for judging if you are able to enter your class/es in advance of sending us your test videos.
24. Tests will be judged as soon as possible after the competition closing date, so that hopefully your child will receive their test sheet with comments, and their rosette, within a week of submitting the test video to us. (We aim to be as fast as possible with this so the children are able to link their riding with the comments and rosette received.)
25. Rosettes will be awarded 1st to 6th Place for each class, and all other competitors will receive a rosette for taking part. ‘Special’ rosettes will also be awarded for a variety of reasons, at the judge and organisers discretion.
26. Splitting classes: Our levels allow for up to eight classes at each competition – Green (Lead Rein and off-lead), Yellow (Lead Rein, Assisted and off-lead), Yellow-Plus, Blue and Red. All classes may be combined or split depending on the number of entries.
27. The Judge’s decision is final in all cases.

Horse/Pony Welfare
28. All ridden horses/ponies must be at least 4 years old.
29. The Organisers retain the right to refuse to continue judging, award rosettes or points, or to allow entries into future competitions if in their, and/or the Judge’s, opinion, the horse/pony is being unfairly ridden or treated, and Entry Fees will not be refunded.
30. Whilst horse/pony lameness will incur elimination in line with BD rules, we appreciate that many older horses/ponies ridden as ‘schoolmasters’ for young children may show slight stiffness, and this will NOT be penalised.

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