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Uploading Your Video

As this is often the stumbling block for many people, I thought it was worth dedicating a full page to the various ways you can get your video to us.

First of all, please remember you must have ‘ticked the boxes’ when you record your video – it must be filmed from C (the ‘Judge’s position’), in landscape format and ideally in HD. Panning and zooming is allowed as long as we can still see where the rider is in relation to the rest of the school (this is particularly important for judging circles and other movements around the school!) Finally, please make sure you have entered and paid for your class before (or at least at the same time as) sending us your video - if we do not have a record/payment for your entry, it will not be put forward for judging! You can help us out by sending your order number with your video link, and labelling your videos clearly.

The easiest way for you (and us) is to upload your videos to YouTube. It’s really easy to create an account if you don’t already have one, and from your point of view the biggest advantage is that you retain TOTAL CONTROL of your videos. We recommend you upload them as ‘Unlisted’ (see the image below for guidance) as this means only people you send the link to can see them – they are NOT public or searchable.

Please TITLE your video CLEARLY - Rider and Pony Name, the level / test they are doing. Similar to the example below "MiniD Yellow Snowman". This is particularly important if you are sending us more than one video link e.g for two tests or if you have different riders/ponies.

Adding an Unlisted video to YouTube

Note: If you are uploading to YouTube direct from your phone, it may take a little while, depending on your connection. I have also found that if your phone ‘goes to sleep’ whilst uploading, the upload will fail, so keep tapping the phone to keep it ‘awake’ if you have power saving settings in place!

Once your video is uploaded to YouTube, you just need to message or email the ‘Share’ link – this can be copied and pasted from your browser’s address bar, or from the ‘Share A Link’ dialogue box YouTube kindly provides:

YouTube’s ‘Share a Link’ dialogue is the quickest and easiest way to copy the correct link to your video!


You can also send large files (up to 2GB) using WeTransfer for free (you need an account/to pay for files over 2GB). This is very simple to do – all you need to do is go to the website to attach your video file with your email and then send it to – see the screenshot below of the WeTransfer home page where you can add your files.

Please note We Transfer files are only accessible for 7 days once you send them - so please do not send too early! We need at least 2-3 days after the closing date to factor in judging them!

We have also noticed WeTransfer can also be quite 'glitchy' - many platforms no longer accept it as a way to send videos. We continue to accept them, but please note it delays judging quite a bit if we have problems, for this reason YouTube is preferable.


Whilst you can upload your videos directly to the Facebook Page (not Messenger - there is no way for this to be forwarded for judging) or Facebook Event as some online competition platforms do, I recommend NOT doing this, as it means your video WILL BE PUBLIC – i.e. anyone on Facebook, or indeed the entire internet, can see it - and this doesn't sit comfortably with me for your children.

Note: We cannot accept videos sent as an attachment via email - for a video to be small enough to send in this way, it is not of a high enough quality to judge!!


Remember we need videos ideally filmed (and uploaded!) in HD (High Definition) so that we can see you clearly - this ensures you have the best chance of being judged fairly. We can only judge what we can see! 


As always, if you need any help at any stage, please email or message me! We cut it a little close to the wire with one competitor once – but that was mostly because we were affected by time differences as this particular competitor was sending a video from Australia..! I try to make sure I am totally available in the lead up to the closing date, so you will hopefully get a speedy response if you message or email! Our closing dates are typically the last Sunday of the month and whilst some classes will be judged that same evening if possible, we generally allow the Monday after the closing date as an ‘admin’ day to make sure everyone’s entries and videos are accounted for, so whilst we’d prefer you not to leave things til the last minute, we can usually sort it out when ‘life’ gets in the way of being organised!

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