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Enter online here!

Enter all competitions here - just choose the relevant option below!

All our Welcome Packs and Gift Bundles, as well as a small selection of branded gifts can be found here.

Online Shop Notes:

Checkout using Paypal (you do not need an account) to pay via Paypal or card, or choose 'offline' payment to send a Bacs transfer separately direct from your bank. If you choose to pay by Bacs, your order will not be processed/items sent out until payment is received. 

A small postage charge applies at checkout for all competition entries. Postage is included in the price of all physical items (Welcome Packs, Gift Bundles, Demi Dressage branded items) however please note these can only be posted within the UK.


OVERSEAS COMPETITORS - please note you *must* check out via Paypal, it is not possible at this time for us to accept payments from an international bank account. Please also note that you will need to add and pay for the Overseas Postage option to accompany your Dressage Test Entries to 'top up' the UK postage automatically applied at the checkout if you wish to have your test sheet and rosette posted out (if you do not wish to pay for this, a copy of your test sheet can be emailed to you instead, the admin of this will be covered by the UK postage fee). You will be liable for any VAT/customs charges applicable in your country - and please note that I have to mark the correct value (£10) on the custom label, I am *not allowed* to send them as a £0 'gift' :(


Check out the Current Event page for the schedule and to download the tests for the current dressage event. The closing date will also be clearly detailed there - you MUST send us your video link / photos by the closing date! See the Uploading Your Video page if you need help.

Make sure when entering tests you fill in the details for 'Child and Pony Name' as you are happy for it to appear publicly. This is the reference we will use for posting results on the Facebook page and website, as well as being their unique entry identifier. If you include your child's age in brackets after their name, we can tailor their feedback appropriately.

Please read our Rules before entering, as by making an entry you agree to abide by these. If your child has any special needs/dispensation requirements, do let us know - we are happy to accommodate all riders. Please also let us know if they are, for example, dairy intolerant - as we send sweets or chocolate out with every test sheet!

Use of your information:

Demi Dressage is committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process. Your personal information is used solely for the purposes of fulfilling your order. Payment information is not handled by us in any way.


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