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Weekly Winter Workouts

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!! NEWSFLASH !! Please accept my sincere apologies that due to a traumatic brain injury I sustained in early 2023, we did not manage to film weeks 2-4 of January. However these polework exercises are a lot of fun no matter what the time of year, so I have left this page up, and the first 9 videos of the series can still be found on our YouTube page here: Weekly Winter Workout Videos

Lacking motivation for your winter schooling? Unsure what to do to keep things interesting when you're stuck in the school for longer over the dark winter days? 

Our Demi Dressage "Weekly Winter Workouts" can help!

Three months of weekly winter polework exercises designed to be simple enough to be ridden by children <3 We all know about the many benefits of polework for horse and ponies - and their riders - but a lot of the layouts and exercises shared online are too complex for beginner riders or children.

So MiniD and I have put together some of our favourites to create a fun series to help you out! These 12 exercises will challenge riders and their ponies in different ways, but they have been carefully chosen to be rideable and beneficial to children riding ponies that are perhaps not as well schooled or established as the typical adult horse and rider combination.

We've also kept the layouts as easy to set up as possible, using a max of 8-10 poles (4 poles in our 'getting started' November "Four Poles, Four Weeks" month) because we know that with kids and ponies time is often tight and no one wants to be lugging out dozens of poles for a half hour ride after school!

Each layout will give you a beneficial 15-20 minutes session, ensuring that you can really get the most out of your winter riding time when you are squeezing it in between after school and dinner time!

Each layout and exercise plan will be posted on our Facebook page weekly throughout Nov/Dec/Jan, with a more detailed description on our website blog. Anyone can take part, and we hope you will enjoy sharing the exercises with your friends - maybe even your adults will join in!

There is no charge to take part in this (just share our posts if you like them - and don't forget to tag us @demidressageonline in your own efforts!) - but we do have a variety of participation rosettes available to buy via our website if you would like to - there will be a choice of small and larger ones to suit your budget. Rosette purchase is absolutely optional - but as you know at Demi Dressage we simply love giving out as many rosettes (and sweets!) as possible! :D 

Find the Workout Challenge rosettes here:

Weekly Winter Workout Themes to enjoy!

November - Four Poles, Four Weeks

December - Corner Confidence

January - Staying Straight on the Centre Line

You can enjoy all the videos posted so far in one easy-to-view playlist here

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