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Free Pony Activities!

We recognise that not all our riders have regular access to a pony of their own, and can't always compete regularly if they are reliant on a borrowed pony. For those of you that are pony owners or loaners, there's still times when you want to do things at home, or sneak in some pony-themed education!

I created many of these resources during the covid lockdowns, and some as part of MiniD's home education journey. I want to keep them available to you all, so please share with anyone you feel would benefit. These activities and downloads are completely FREE - all I ask is that you please credit Demi Dressage if you use them.

Free Downloads

I'll add as much as I can to this section - just some simple little learning sheets, facts and quizzes, colouring etc, to keep your little ones busy for a bit...

Design (1).png

Creative Corner

In the past, we have had some creative fun classes as part of our online shows, mostly photo or art related. We'd love to see your horse and pony drawings!

Here's some more creative ideas to try at home:

- write a diary entry from the point of view of your pony. It could be about a ride you've enjoyed together, a special/funny memory, or what you think your pony would have to say on certain topics (carrot, anyone?)

- write a short story or poem - bonus marks if it is dressage related!

- if you have already tried drawing or painting a picture of your favourite pony, why not get even more creative and make a collage-artwork using cutouts of magazines, coloured paper etc?

- draw a picture of where your pony lives (stable or field) what do they need to be happy and comfortable? (Tip - we used this as a great revision activity prior to the Pony Club Blue Cross Horse and Pony Care Competition!

- write a review of your favourite horsey product - what couldn't you live without and why? 

- make some pony-themed biscuits or cakes - yum!

We'd love it if you share anything you create with us - perhaps it'll get featured on our page! Send it to us at 

Field Management Painting.jpg
Painting of Tangle.jpg

Design a Dressage Test

Have a go at writing your own dressage test - once it's done, you could ride it on your own pony! (If you can't ride it on a pony, try it on a hobby horse instead...)

Freestyle dressage tests usually have a number of 'required movements' - I've suggested some below if you want to try doing it this way, or you could completely make up your own. You can write your test out as instructions, or draw as a sequence of arena diagrams showing the movements - download a template of arena diagrams below...

Required Movements: You must enter down the centre line (in walk or trot) from A. You must include a change of rein, at circle on each rein, and some work in both walk and trot (and canter if you wish) Your test must finish by coming down the centre line from A and halting and saluting at G. The test must be a maximum of 5 mins long to ride.

Wipeable A4 Dressage test board

Hobby Horse Dressage and Jumping

We ran some Hobby Horse Events during the covid lockdown, and although we won't be running these again, I will leave the Hobby Horse Dressage, Agility and Jumping tests available to download below (just click on each thumbnail to view the tests as a PDF file) in case you'd like to still give them a try! Great fun to exercise your children whilst also learning about dressage! 


See our free download above to make your own dressage cones to set up your Hobby Horse arena!

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