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Hobby Horse Test


For a bit of fun after a horrendously wet winter, we are running a Hobby Horse Dressage Test in March!


This test is ideal if you are still dealing with sodden arenas, or perhaps don't have a real pony to ride yet. 

We've included some pretty advanced movements, such as you'd find in Grand Prix level dressage (watch out Charlotte ;) ...) but even though you are unlikely to be performing all the elements on your own ponies any time soon, this test is still a great way to get a feel for dressage. You'll gain experience of what it's like to learn and 'ride' a dressage test, familiarise yourself with the arena markers and some of the shapes and movements that commonly occur in dressage tests. We'll be marking you for your rhythm, paces and accuracy too - just like the real thing!

You can use a handmade hobby horse or one you've bought - we will have a Special rosette or two for our favourite handmade ones, so don't forget to introduce them to the camera before you start your test!


Entering the Hobby Horse event

You will need to mark out an arena in your field or garden. Size doesn't matter - but you will need to have it in the correct proportions and with the letter markers in roughly the right places (see our Free Pony Activities page for a simple way to make your own dressage letter cones!) 


A standard dressage riding arena is 20m wide x 40m long - so you will need to set up a rectangle that is twice as long as it is wide - e.g. 5m x 10m or 10m x 20m would both be fine. 

Enter online just as you would for our ridden dressage - Hobby Horse entries can be found here: 

There will be 1st - 6th place rosettes, and mini 'Well Done' rosettes to all unplaced competitors. Tests will be marked in the same way as our usual dressage competitions, so pay attention to your paces and use of the arena!


Each test costs £7 (plus post) to enter, and this will include your detailed feedback sheet, rosette and sweets!

Closing date Sunday 31st March 2024. Please send video test link (uploaded via YouTube) to with your order number.

Hobby Horse Dressage Test:

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