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"Unicorn Waterfall" June Dressage Results 2023!

What a fab event we had again for the unicorns this year! For those that dressed up, so much amazing effort went in to your outfits, they were all just fab!

Our Unicorn tests feature a softly flowing 'waterfall' over pole 'bridges' - the serpentine is a fabulous school movement for kids to ride, and the use of poles in our tests help guide them to create correct and even loops right from the start. We hope you enjoyed riding them!

unicorn pattern Demi Dressage rosettes

As always, results are published on the Demi Dressage Facebook page in the order they come in, but are published here in class order for ease of reference.

"Unicorn Waterfall" Dressage Results - Green!

Our entry-level class <3 These tests are written in walk only, to give children the knowledge and confidence to ride a simple dressage test before progressing to tests with trot in.

Green tests can be ridden on or off the lead rein.


1st - Sophie and Velvet - 75%

2nd - Isabelle and Billy - 66%

3rd - Tabitha and Wind Willow Stardust - 65.7%

GREEN (Lead Rein):

1st - Kimberley and Casper - 70%

2nd - William and Chester - 68.7%

3rd - Vivien and Del Boy - 68%

4th - Jacob and Chester - 67.7%

5th - Bonnie and Maisie - 67%

Best Unicorn rosettes, and going forward to Pony Passion for judging of the Supreme Unicorn, go to Sophie and Velvet, and Bonnie and Maisie!

"Unicorn Waterfall" Dressage Results - Yellow!

A step-up from our entry-level Green class, the Yellow tests introduce some simple trot movements These tests are written with young or beginner riders in mind, keeping the work in trot around the edge of the arena and providing the perfect stepping stone to our walk-trot Yellow-Plus tests.

Yellow tests can be ridden on or off the lead rein, or 'Assisted'. The Yellow Assisted and Yellow off lead sections have been combined this month due to lower entries between them.

YELLOW (off lead and Assisted):

1st - Bella and Nellie - 76.9%

2nd - Jule and Magpie - 72.8%

3rd - Allegra and Hunney - 71.4% (A)

=4th - Charlotte and Chester - 70.3%

=4th - Eva and Millie - 70.3%

5th - Poppy and Toodles - 63.6% (A)

6th - Perdie and Toodles - 62.8%

YELLOW (Lead Rein):

1st - Kimberley and Casper - 70.3%

2nd - Isla and Toodles - 64.7%

3rd - Alice and Lily - 63.6%

4th - Vivian and Del Boy - 63.1%

5th - Avy and Lily - 62.8%

Best Unicorn rosettes, and going forward to Pony Passion for judging of the Supreme Unicorn, go to Allegra and Hunney, and Vivian and Del Boy!

"Unicorn Waterfall" Dressage Results - Yellow-Plus!

One of our consistently most popular classes, the walk-trot Yellow-Plus level is where riders really start to get established in their abilities to produce a good test. It's often the level we see riders stay at the longest while they consolidate what they know across all the different movements we offer in our themed tests over the year! Riders in the top placings in this class have usually diligently worked their way up our levels and are beginning to have a good understanding of what the judge wants to see!


1st - Charlie and Pepper-corn - 73.1%

2nd - Emily and Chester - 72.6%

3rd - Ellie and Jay - 69.5%

=4th - Gergana and Little Willow - 69.3%

=4th - Katie and Longmead Gigi - 69.3%

5th - Quinn and Peppa - 67.1%

6th - Izzy and Frosty - 66.2%

7th - Anya and Budweiser - 63.8%

8th - Lily and Budweiser - 62.1%

Recipient of the Best Unicorn rosette, and going forward to Pony Passion for judging of the Supreme Unicorn, is Charlie and Pepper-corn! (Always interesting to see the boys' take on 'unicorn month'!)

"Unicorn Waterfall" Dressage Results - Blue!

Last but not least, and a popular class again this month, is our introductory canter class. Blue tests only ever have simple canter movements around the track, bridging the gap between Intro and Prelim (Yellow-Plus and Red in our levels) and perfect for young riders getting to grips with canter!


1st - India and Albie - 73.7%

2nd - Sophia and Chloe - 70.8%

3rd - Gracie and Queen of Hearts - 70.4%

4th - Edward and Tiger - 70.2%

5th - Libby and Queen of Hearts - 70%

6th - Gergana and Little Willow - 68.1%

=7th - Katie and Longmead Gigi - 66.5%

=7th - Florence and Peppa - 66.5%

8th - Brooke and Just Charlie - 65%

9th - Lucy and Autumn - 64.2%

Recipient of the Best Unicorn rosette, and going forward to Pony Passion for judging of the Supreme Unicorn, is Katie and Longmead Gigi!

"Unicorn Waterfall" Dressage Results - Red!

Every time I get excited about the red class getting bigger, it's like I jinx it and scare you all away..! There must be more cantering riders out there who want some pretty rosettes? Do share our page with your friends!

Red is our highest level, with canter movements similar to BD Prelim - just in a more child-friendly way!


1st - Sophia and Chloe - 68.1%

2nd - Jed and Songbird - 65.9%

Well done to all of you!

pony passion rosette and saddlecloth

A big thank you to Carly at Pony Passion for once again supporting the Best Unicorn rosettes. The Pony Passion 'Glitz and Glam' range are particularly suited to all Unicorn Wannabes, but there is a whole range of lovely clothing for both girls and boys as ewll as quality pony wear, so do check them out.

The Pony Passion Supreme Unicorn was chosen by Carly - and she chose Charlie and Pepper!

Carly said - I'm going to pick Charlie and Pepper! I think most boys would have declined to dress up for unicorn month so good for him on doing his own take on it And I love his Parrot outfit!

She was right - this year Charlie was the only boy to dress up. Which was a shame, as in previous years we’ve had fantastic takes on the unicorn theme from the boys - including a Pegasus, and a jousting knight!

So I am issuing a (very early ) challenge to the boys for next year… let’s see what you’ve got..! ;)

Meanwhile, congratulations to Charlie and Pepper - and indeed to all of you who dressed up, it was very clear a *lot* of effort had gone into your decorations and outfits, particularly those of you who *didn’t* have greys (there’s a thing, the greys are easier for unicorning at least )!

Our next event is the Summer Ice Creams - fabulous shapes in these tests! Check them out on our Current Event page here: Current Event

The rosettes are one of my favourites too, beautiful pastel colours with a cool ice cream print. You definitely want to enter just to get hold of one of these!

Demi Dressage Summer Ice Cream rosettes and sweets

The closing date for the Summer Ice Creams is Sunday 30th July 2023 - we hope to see lots of you taking part!

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