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"Unicorn Waterfall" Dressage 2022 Results!

Our mystical unicorn-themed tests featuring a three-loop serpentine ‘waterfall’ are very popular and one of our favourites! All our tests are designed to 'layer up', but the “Unicorn Waterfall” ones do so especially well, so for those who find learning two tests is too complicated - these are the perfect ones to try.

One of the reasons the Unicorn Waterfall tests are so popular is because we invite all riders to embrace their wonderful ponies as the unicorns they are! This is always particularly loved by the girls – but fear not, the boy riders often get involved in their own way with mystical creatures – we have had brave knights, fearsome dragons, and this year even a winged Thestral-Unicorn ridden by Harry Potter!

For 2022 we introduced our *new* Harmony Awards: the ethos of Demi Dressage has always been to encourage kind and correct riding. Many riders will be rewarded for this simply in their placings: a harmonious test is more likely to score higher. However, there are times where we see a particularly pleasing test that might not necessarily be the highest scoring, but pony and rider are working well in partnership together, and that is what our new Harmony Awards are about.

This month we awarded one Harmony Award, to a Demi Dressage newcomer who rode two quiet tests – well done to Libby and Delta (Yellow and Yellow-Plus)

Results are published on the Demi Dressage Facebook page as they come in, but are posted here in class order for easy reference :)


Here we have the Green results - our starter-level walk-only class, and this month we have the biggest number of newcomers since we started! Welcome to you all, I hope you've enjoyed riding your first tests!

Green classes can be ridden on or off the lead rein, and we allow someone in the arena for moral support in the off lead section.


1st - Jasmine and Louie - 72.7%

2nd - Isla and Gypsy - 72%

3rd - Santiago and Annie - 70.1%

4th - Harriet and Murphy - 69%

=5th - Rosie and Toodles - 68%

=5th - Connie and Klettur - 68%

6th - Ellen and Shady - 67%

7th - Emily and Spice - 64.7%

GREEN (Lead Rein):

1st - Emily and Blossom - 71.7%

2nd - Mackenzie and Toffee - 69.3%

=3rd - Joe and Shady - 69%

=3rd - Aspen and Toffee - 69%

4th - Chloe and Indie - 67.7%

5th - Lily and Charlie - 66.7%

6th - Steph and Spice - 66%

Winners of the Pony Passion specials for Best Unicorn are Harriet and Murphy (Green) and Emily and Blossom (Green LR)!


Here we have all the Yellow results for the Unicorn Waterfall online dressage!

Our Yellow tests are an introductory walk-trot test, and split into three sections: off the lead, lead rein, and our special assisted section which allows the rider to have someone in the arena with them for moral support to help with that all-important stage of coming off the lead.


1st - Jasmine and Jethro - 71.4%

2nd - Libby and Delta - 70.8%

3rd - Layla and Make Your Own Luck - 69.4%

4th - Elis and Rocky the Rockstar - 68.3%

5th - Ivy and Tangle - 68.1%

6th - Brooke and Badger - 67.8%

7th - Mia and Charlie - 64.4%

8th - Lucy and Penny - 63.3%

YELLOW (Assisted):

1st - Rubi and Gypsy - 72.5%

2nd - Quinn and Peppa - 68.6%

3rd - Benjamin and Millie - 66.1%

4th - Sebastian and Endellion - 63.6%

YELLOW (Lead Rein):

1st - Harriet and Murphy - 68.1%

2nd - Evie and Shadow - 67.2%

3rd - Aveline and Sakara - 66.9%

4th - Alyss and Skye - 63.9%

Winners of the Pony Passion specials for Best Unicorn are Elis and Rocky the Rockstar (Yellow), Benjamin and Millie (Yellow Assisted) and Aveline and Sakara (Yellow Lead Rein)!


Next up are the Yellow-Plus results for the Unicorn Waterfall online dressage!

A big class again this month, the Yellow-Plus walk/trot test is always one of our most popular tests. It's roughly equivalent to a child-friendly BD Intro!


1st - Dora and Shortcake - 72.9%

2nd - Wini and Tallulah - 72.6%

3rd - Florence and Peppa - 70.5%

4th - Libby and Delta - 68.8%

5th - Hermione and Harvey - 68.6%

6th - Emily and Chester - 68.1%

7th - Holly and Shamri - 67.6%

8th - Elsa and Shamri - 65.5%

9th - Elly and Fifi - 61.7%

10th - Lucy and Autumn - 61.4%

HC - MiniD and Maisie - 71.6%

Winner of the Pony Passion special for Best Unicorn is Dora and Shortcake!


Finishing up, we have the Blue results for the Unicorn Waterfall online dressage!

The standard was super-high for Blue this month! Everyone this month is a regular and all have shown awesome improvement and great scores!

Blue is a special class to Demi Dressage, providing a perfect 'introduction to canter' test with very simple canter movements to ease riders in to Prelim level without overwhelming them. This enables them to focus on riding the test as a whole, rather than just The Canter, and makes the step up to Prelim much easier.


1st - Freya and Eric - 76%

2nd - Eve and Alfie - 75.4%

3rd - India and Fliss - 73.8%

4th - Isaac and Robbie - 72.5%

5th - Ruby and Micky - 67.1%

6th - Lucy and Autumn - 65.8%

Winner of the Pony Passion special for Best Unicorn is India and Fliss!


And now for the first set of Unicorn Waterfall Results!

Apologies for not getting these up yesterday, I am finding I am still rather tired from the rehab following my op and obviously don't want to get any adding up wrong! So fresh eyes this morning and all that...

First up we have the Red results - for some reason this is always a small class in unicorn month, it is like Red riders are far too serious to play unicorns ;)


1st - Ffion and Rocky the Rockstar - 67.6%

2nd - Ffion and Popstar - 65.2%

3rd - Harriet and Daisy-Pony - 62.9%

Winner of the Pony Passion special for Best Unicorn is Ffion and Rocky the Rockstar!

All of the Best Unicorns have been put forward to the lovely Carly at Pony Passion for her to judge an overall Supreme Unicorn!

Our next event is the end-of-season "Back to School Squares" - these square-themed tests are one of our more challenging tests with more transitions and demanding greater accuracy. Perfect to put everything you have worked on over the summer to the test!

Schoolmasters and schoolmistresses are so important for young riders to learn on, and so we celebrate your veteran ponies this month, with a special rosette for the highest placed veteran (15+) in each class. There's also an extra-special rosette for the oldest pony who takes part, so if your horse/pony is 15 years or older, please do remember to mark their age on your entry to be eligible for these specials!

The "Back to School Squares" tests can be downloaded from the Current Event page, and the closing date is Sunday 4th September.

Our popular September Photo and Video Show is also coming up - the full schedule can be found on the Photo Show page, so start prepping those pics now!

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