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"Spooky Eyes" Dressage and Autumn Prix Caprilli 2022 Results!

The time of year and the weather is starting to get the better of riders as we head into our quieter time after the monthly events of the summer. The Spooky Eyes Dressage, running alongside the Autumn Prix Caprilli, marks the end of our competition year, and whilst fairly low in numbers across the two events it was good to see some of our regulars stepping up a level and/or trying something different with our Prix Caprilli.

Fancy Dress in both events was also encouraged, and I take my hat off to those of you that manage to juggle competing with dressing up especially with these nights drawing in and less time all round!

For 2022 we introduced our *new* Harmony Awards: the ethos of Demi Dressage has always been to encourage kind and correct riding. Many riders will be rewarded for this simply in their placings: a harmonious test is more likely to score higher. However, there are times where we see a particularly pleasing test that might not necessarily be the highest scoring, but pony and rider are working well in partnership together, and that is what our new Harmony Awards are about.

This month we awarded one Harmony Award - congratulations to newcomer Flora and Puzzle (Yellow-Plus) for a quietly ridden test.

Results are published on the Demi Dressage Facebook page as they come in, but are posted here in class order for easy reference :)


Last but not least for the Spooky Eyes Dressage, here's our entry-level Green class.

Our Green tests are walk-only, and introduce all the same school figures you see in our higher levels - perfect for those just starting out or needing a confidence boost.

GREEN (Off Lead and Lead Rein combined due to low entries)

1st - Dylan and Inki - 70.9%

2nd - Edith and Shortcake - 69.1%

3rd - Isla and Gypsy - 68.8%

4th - Zoe and Ghost - 63.2%

5th - Stephie and Spice - 62.9%


Dropping down to the smallest Yellow class in history - some of our Yellow riders have moved up to Yellow-Plus! Our Yellow tests are perfect confidence-boosters with very simple movements in walk and a little bit of trot - a perfect 'starter' dressage test!

YELLOW (Off Lead, Assisted and Lead Rein combined due to low entries)

1st - Rubi and Gypsy - 68.4%

2nd - Quinn and Peppa - 67.1%

3rd - Layla and Make Your Own Luck - 66.1%

4th - Caitlin and Hugo - 63.4%

5th - Brooke and Charlie - 63.2%

Fancy Dress Special - Caitlin and Hugo


The weather certainly didn't stop play for our popular Yellow-Plus class! There's some good scores here, and it's close at the top - perhaps there's a few of you ready to make the move up to Blue next season - just like 'Devil-Pony' Tangle, it's really not that scary!


1st - Erin and Chockey - 75.3%

2nd - Finlay and Melon - 74.8%

3rd - Edward and Coco - 74.3%

4th - Flora and Puzzle - 74%

5th - Sophie and Joey - 70.8%

6th - Eva and Diva - 69.8%

7th - Bea and Snowflake - 68.8%

8th - Florence and Peppa - 67.3%

9th - Ellis and Rocky - 61.8%

Fancy Dress Special - Eva and Diva


With entries spread between our Dressage and Prix Caprilli, classes tend to be a bit smaller for this spooky Halloween event - especially as by this time of year we're often battling the weather as well!

First up we've got our Blue and Red classes - our two canter classes have been combined this month due to low numbers (an early 2023 resolution here is to find where all the young riders who enjoy cantering are hiding, as these are always our smallest classes! Answers on a postcard....)


1st - Erin and Bertie (B) - 70.4%

2nd - Jed and Songbird (R) - 70%

3rd - Isaac and Robbie (B) - 66.7%

4th - Jemima and Joey (B) - 66.1%

5th - Lucy and Autumn (B) - 63.9%

6th - Ffion and Poppy (R) - 61.4%

Congratulations to you all - and please, tell your canter-loving friends about your test, let's get these canter classes more competitive for next year!

Did you know we re-branded the colour scheme for our Prix Caprilli tests this year? They still work with our unique colour-coded levels system, but avoid the confusion with our regular dressage tests! We run a Prix Caprilli every Spring and Autumn.


Lime (Lead Rein) tests are a blend of Green and Yellow, and are for those riding on the lead rein (if you are just coming off the lead rein for example in our Green or Yellow Assisted classes, but need the support of a runner whilst jumping, this one is also for you!)


1st - Allegra and Hunney - 72.8%

2nd - Alyss and Skye - 68%

3rd - Quinn and Peppa - 66%

4th - Lily-Mae and Major - 63.8%

5th - Emily and Spice - 62%

6th - Caitlin and Hugo - 61.4%


Teal (walk/trot) tests are similar to our Yellow-Plus, with the majority of the test, including the jumping efforts, ridden in trot. Teal is aimed at riders confidently off the lead rein at Yellow, Yellow-Plus or entry-level Blue - it is usually our biggest Prix Caprilli class.


1st - Eva and Diva - 76%

2nd - Florence and Peppa - 68%

3rd - Sophie and Joey - 67.6%

4th - Jemima and Joey - 67.2%

5th - Tabitha and Spot - 65.6%

6th - Lucy and Autumn - 64%


Violet (walk/trot/canter) tests are a blend of our Blue and Red levels, with all paces featuring in the test, and the jumping efforts, ridden in canter. Violet is aimed at riders who are confident in their cantering - so higher-level Blue, and Red riders. Similar to our Red class, it is often the smallest Prix Caprilli - but usually with a high standard!


1st - India and Fliss - 78.7%

2nd - Jed and Songbird - 72.2%

3rd - Freya and Eric - 68.9%

4th - Ffion and Rocky - 67.8%

Congratulations to you all!

That's a wrap on our October events - and a wrap on our 2022 Demi Dressage season! Our next event will run over the Christmas holidays, with a closing date in early January 2023! Tests will be on the Current Event page very soon for you to get practising.

If you have enjoyed competing with Demi Dressage this year, *please* consider leaving a review on our Facebook page - it'll only take you a couple of minutes, and helps our rankings so that we get seen. Small businesses such as ours are in real danger of being drowned out through lack of reach to potential customers... I desperately want to keep Demi Dressage going for another year (and beyond!) but to do so, I really do need your help. Thank you <3

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