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"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Dressage Results 2023

The "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" tests introduce riders to shallow loops as well as half circles, and the tougher three classes (Yellow-Plus, Blue and Red) have a fantastic final centre line movement which is often very influential in the marks!

May is one of my favourite months - it always has been from a seasonal point of view - but I love the shallow loop tests as well - for many young riders it's the first time they have come across this movement. Some have even then taught it to their parents ;)

MiniD's birthday is in May, as is The Pony Club's, and so we celebrate Pony Club Members with a Highest Placed Special rosette. It's been brilliant over the years we've been doing this to see many young Pony Clubbers start out on their competitive journey with us before going on to represent their clubs in PC competitions.

This month we also had Special rosettes for the Highest Placed Riding School Riders in each class.

As always, results are published on the Demi Dressage Facebook page in the order they come in, but are published here in class order for ease of reference. "SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW" RESULTS - GREEN First up this month, our first class, and lots of 'first tests' for some new little competitors! Did you all enjoy riding a rainbow with us?

Our Green walk-only classes are super-simply entry-level tests, designed to introduce the idea of riding a dressage test in a child-friendly and fun way without the pressure of 'too much going on'. The movements you'll find in our harder tests all begin here!

Green tests can be ridden on or off the lead rein. If ridden off the lead, we allow someone in the arena for moral support if required - our sole aim at this level is to give your young rider the very best introduction to competing possible.


1st - Sophie and Velvet - 71%

2nd - Hermione and Rosie - 69%

3rd - Poppy and Toodles - 67.7%

4th - Lucy and Penny - 64.7%

GREEN (Lead Rein):

1st - Bonnie and Maisie - 71.7%

2nd - Vivian and Del Boy - 70.3%

3rd - Annie and Robbie - 70%

=4th - Josie and Tinkerbell - 66%

=4th - Isla and Gypsy - 66%

5th - Lily and Goldie - 63.7%

6th - Avy and Lily - 62%

Our Highest Placed Pony Club Member goes to Vivian and Del Boy, and our Highest Placed Riding School Rider goes to Poppy and Toodles! "SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW" RESULTS - YELLOW Our popular Yellow classes, and again a raft of newcomers - welcome, and I hoped you enjoyed riding rainbows in your first tests!

Yellow tests offer three options - off the lead, lead rein, and our special 'Assisted' class which allows an adult in the arena for moral support to help boost confidence in riding a test and trotting off the lead. This Assisted class is probably the most valued amongst our competitors <3

The nature of Demi Dressage being for children means that class sizes wax and wane as children grow up, progress and move on. This year, we've seen the Yellow classes become smaller than usual - once again no Yellow Lead Rein riders! - as newcomers enter in at Green, and more and more of our regular competitors have moved up to Yellow-Plus and even Blue! So we need some new 'Yellow' blood as it were - if you know of any riders at this early walk/trot stage, do point them in our direction and let's see some more young riders getting started on their dressage journeys!


1st - Rubi and Gypsy - 75.5%

2nd - Emma and Damien - 74.2%

3rd - Alexa and Pixie - 71.6%

4th - Summer and Bob - 68.9%

5th - Isabel and Flossie - 66.3%

6th - Perdie and Toodles - 62.9%

YELLOW (Assisted):

1st - Eilidh and Zulu - 70.5%

2nd - Allegra and Hunney - 69.2%

3rd - Ioan and Blaze - 67.4%

4th - Elena and Rocky the Rockstar - 64.2%

5th - Sophie and Lana - 62.6%

A bunch of Special rosettes (I do like rosettes!) in these classes - our Highest Placed Pony Club Members go to Emma and Damien and Allegra and Hunney, our Highest Placed Riding School Rider goes to Isabel and Flossie, and we've got an extra Special for Rubi and Gypsy for 'Best Hovering'! "SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW" RESULTS - YELLOW-PLUS Finally - and apologies I'm still a bit slow with the adding up - here's our most popular class, the Yellow-Plus.

We've got a fair few newcomers in at this level this month and it's great to see a couple of them into the placings alongside our more established competitors. For those that didn't quite get placed this time, don't be disheartened - many of our riders came to Yellow-Plus from Yellow and consequently had the understanding and ability of presenting a test to a judge at a simpler level before moving up to Yellow-Plus - I think many forget that is a skill in itself regardless of how experienced a rider you are!

Across all Demi Dressage events, all unplaced riders (7th onwards) receive a mini 'Well Done' rosette with their test sheet and sweets, as well as a 'Try Again' discount voucher to further encourage you to put your judge's comments into practice and give it another go!


1st - Sophia and Chloe - 75.5%

2nd - Katie and Longmead Gigi - 74.1%

=3rd - Emily and Chester - 73.4%

=3rd - Charlie and Pepper - 73.4%

4th - Katie and Dunorbit Lad - 70.7%

5th - Isobel and Sunshine Sooty - 68.9%

6th - Quinn and Peppa - 68%

7th - Elis and Rocky the Rockstar - 66.4%

8th - Ebriel and Munchkin - 64.1%

9th - Izzy and Frosty - 63.9%

10th - Lizzie and Max - 61.6%

Another bunch of Special rosettes (happy days!) in these classes - our Highest Placed Pony Club Member goes to Sophia and Chloe, we have a Special for 'Best Shallow Loops' (scoring an 8.5 and an 8.0!) for Katie and Longmead Gigi, and a Special for Isobel and Sunshine Sooty for 'Best Corners/Use of the Arena'! "SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW" RESULTS - BLUE

Ahh the Blues! Such a cool test - where else can you find a genuine 'introduction to canter' in a competition situation? These tests perfectly bridge the gap between our Yellow-Plus extended walk/trot, and our Prelim-level Red.


1st - Esmae and Sparky - 70.6%

2nd - Sophia and Chloe - 70.4%

3rd - Katie and Longmead Gigi - 70.2%

4th - Natalia and Sparky - 69%

5th - Florence and Peppa - 67.8%

6th - Megan and Bambi - 65%

The top three this month were separated by just half a mark each...!

The Highest Placed Pony Club Member in this class was Sophia and Chloe! "SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW" RESULTS - RED and RED-PLUS Galloping up to Red and Red-Plus, these are our highest levels! Both include prelim level movements in trot and canter.

Although I picked the C-level Pony Club test for Red-Plus this time, I think our own Red 'Rainbows' was actually more challenging - so an especial well done to all our Red riders this month :D


1st - Freya and Eric - 74.8%

2nd - Isaac and Robbie - 73%

3rd - Olivia and Tully - 72.9%

4th - Libby and Delta - 71.3%

5th - Ffion and Poppy - 68.9%


1st - Grace and Prince Llewellyn - 72%

2nd - Phoebe and Snowy - 67.3%

3rd - Jed and Songbird - 64.7%

Our Highest Placed Pony Club Member goes to Ffion and Poppy! Well done everyone! #demidressage #rainbowrosettes From rainbows to unicorns - our next event is the competitor-favourite - the "Unicorn Waterfall" online dressage!

We encourage you to dress up for this event (though it is of course fine if you don't want to!) For those who do dress up as unicorns - or whatever your interpretation of a mystical unicorn may be - there is a beautiful 'Best Unicorn' Special rosette in each class, sponsored by Pony Passion <3

The closing date for the Unicorn Waterfall is Sunday 2nd July 2023 - hope to see lots of you taking part!

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