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"Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" Fun Dressage Results 2023!

(Apologies for the delayed publicising of 2023 results onto the website. All results are published onto our Demi Dressage Facebook page as they come in for each event, and then published here for future reference/posterity! I am catching up with myself after an injury creating a difficult start to 2023...)

The "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" tests are super low-key and fun, perfect to spice up the cold days when winter is getting tedious...

Demi Dressage Snowman Rosettes

"Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" Fun Dressage Results - GREEN

First up this month, it's our first level! The Green tests are walk-only, perfect for starting out. We've welcomed our highest percentage of new riders this month, some of them riding their very first dressage tests Did you know, some of our riders currently competing at Blue and Red, started out with us at Green level? Now there's some inspiration!

GREEN (Lead Rein and off lead combined):

1st - Allegra and Hunney - 76.9%

2nd - Eva and Millie - 75.3%

3rd - Bella and Nellie - 74.7%

4th - Bonnie and Maisie - 72.8%

5th - Caitlin and Hugo - 68.1%

6th - Lucy and Penny - 65.6%

"Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" Fun Dressage Results - YELLOW

Results are coming in order this month, so we move from Green to Yellow. As you will know, the Yellow class is home to one of my 'special babies' - the Yellow Assisted section. As mum to a very nervous MiniD, I fully appreciate what a huge step it is in a young rider's journey to come off the lead rein, and that's where our Assisted section is here to help! Allowing someone in the arena with the rider while they ride off the lead, it's an ideal stepping stone to build confidence before going it fully alone

No Yellow Lead Reins this month, although that is of course a section always offered at this level!


1st - Katie and Longmead Gigi - 75.2%

2nd - Quinn and Peppa - 75%

3rd - Mia and Charlie - 74.3%

4th - Jasmine and Poppy - 70.5%

5th - Jessica and Jethro - 70%

6th - Lucy and Penny = 66.4%

YELLOW (Assisted):

1st - Rosie and Gypsy Castle Lleff - 69.8%

2nd - Ayra and Rocky - 67.5%

3rd - Clark and Gypsy Castle Lleff - 66.1%

4th - Cora and Gypsy Castle Lleff - 60.7%

"Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" Fun Dressage Results - YELLOW-PLUS

Moving up to Yellow-Plus - this longer walk/trot is our equivalent of a BD Intro, for riders competently off the lead, but not yet ready to canter.

Did you know, this is generally the level our riders stay at the longest?


1st - India and Alice - 73.8%

2nd - Carmen and Taisy - 73.3%

3rd - Florence and Peppa - 72.4%

4th - Sophie and Teelings Little Legs - 71.9%

5th - Brooke and Just Charlie - 70.2%

6th - Katie and Longmead Gigi - 69.3%

"Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" Fun Dressage Results - BLUE

Whizzing through, we're up to Blue! This is another of our Demi Dressage special - an 'introduction to canter' level test, perfect for those who enjoy cantering but aren't yet ready or able to keep their pony going through school figures in third gear. Blue level tests only ever have short amounts of canter around the track.


1st - Isaac and Robbie - 75%

2nd - Jed and Songbird - 73.5%

3rd - Martha and Taisy - 68.3%

4th - Lucy and Autumn - 66.9%

"Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" Fun Dressage Results - RED

And finally, our Red tests Our highest Demi Dressage level, though keep your eyes peeled, as we will be offering a Red-Plus class using external tests this summer!


1st - Freya and Eric - 78.4%

2nd - Laura and Comet - 72.8%

3rd - Olivia and Tully - 71.4%

4th - Holly and Pixie - 71%

5th - Dora and Shortcake - 68.2%

6th - Ffion and Poppy - 67%

That's a wrap for our "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" Fun Dressage - always a cute little event! Well done everyone!

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