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Weekly Winter Workout Rosettes!


Lacking motivation for your winter schooling? Unsure what to do to keep things interesting when you're stuck in the school for longer over the dark winter days? 

Demi Dressage "Weekly Winter Workouts" can help!

Three months of weekly winter polework exercises designed to be simple enough to be ridden by children <3 We all know about the many benefits of polework for horse and ponies - and their riders - but a lot of the layouts and exercises shared online are too complex for beginner riders or children.

So MiniD and I have put together some of our favourites to create a fun series to help you out! This series of 12 workouts will be posted throughout November, December and January on our Facebook page and in our website Blog, and here you can purchase the optional particupation rosettes to reard your young rider for their efforts! Why not collect one in each colour?


The price includes a mini pack of sweets (usually Skittles or Haribo, but may vary) and UK postage. (Overseas postage can be purchased additionally in our Shop if required).


Weekly Winter Workout Rosettes

PriceFrom £4.00
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