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Child-friendly online dressage tests - enter your test, record and upload your video, get your rosette and feedback in the post!


Enter tests on behalf of your Riding School clients here to be eligible for our Riding School Discount! 


(NB. Before entering as a Riding School for the first time, please email with your details so that we are aware of you as one of our riding school entrants. Please don't forget to make it clear to us which class/section each Rider and Pony combination is entering each month!)



GREEN (Lead Rein or Off Lead options)

YELLOW (Lead Rein, Assisted or Off Lead options)





Your saving is automatically calculated based on the number of test entries you purchase (1 test no discount, 2-3 tests 5% off - £9.50 per entry, 4-6 tests 7.5% off - £9.25 per entry, 7-9 tests 10% off - £9 per entry. If you have 10 or more riders to enter, please contact us for a personalised discount code!)


Full details of the current event including the tests to download can be found on the Current Event page each month. By entering here, you agree to abide by our Rules.


Riding School entries must be made in bulk by one person, to whom all the test sheets and rosettes will be posted to, in order to quality for the discount. If clients wish to enter individually via our standard Dressage entries, and have their rosette posted directly to them, they may do so - but please make sure they mark their entry as a Riding School rider in the notes to be entered into the correct section/class and be eligible for any Highest Placed Specials.


Unless you tell us otherwise, your test sheet will be posted to the address that comes through on your Paypal payment information, so please make sure that is correct or advise us of an alternative postal address if necessary!


Prices include UK postage only - please contact us before entering if you are a riding school wishing to enter from overseas.

Riding School Dressage Test Entries

PriceFrom £10.00
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