NEW in 2020, and resurrected for Lockdown 3, our series of Groundwork tests provide an alternative way to work with your horse or pony. Ideal as a 'taster' to competing with us, if you have a young/old or new pony, or you're just not quite ready to compete under saddle yet - these tests are for you.

Entries will be split into two sections:
Assisted (adult or older family member in the arena for support - they can help lead if needed, but ideally would not lead for the entire test)
Unassisted (will be split by age if enough entries)

Rosettes 1st - 6th place, split by section and/or age depending on entries.

The test will be the same for both sections, please download the test for the month on the Groundwork page. 


Ponies can be led in either a headcollar or bridle. The handler MUST wear gloves and sensible footwear, we recommend wearing a hat too.

This event does NOT require a full size 20x40 arena, it can be done in any size/shape space including in a corner of a field, with the course laid out as indicated on the test sheet.

Groundwork Test

Groundwork Test Entry

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