We know many of you are unable to ride at the moment, but for those of you still able to spend time with your ponies, we have created a groundwork test for April!


Introductory Rate! Use the offer code GROUNDWORK to save 20% (£2 per entry) if entered before Sunday 19th April.

Entries will be split into two sections:
Assisted (adult or older family member in the arena for support - they can help lead if needed)
Unassisted (will be split by age if enough entries - 9 and under, 10-16)

Rosettes 1st - 6th place in both sections

The test will be the same for both sections, and will require three poles, 3-5 cones (upturned buckets, jump wings, blocks or cones are all fine) a toy/ball/object of some sort and a bucket. Ponies can be led in either a headcollar or bridle. The handler MUST wear gloves and sensible footwear, we recommend wearing a hat too.

This event does NOT require a full size 20x40 arena, it can be done in any size/shape space including in a corner of a field, with the course laid out as indicated. The test can be downloaded from the Groundwork page on the website.

Closing Date SUNDAY 26th APRIL (last Sunday of the month)

Groundwork Test

Groundwork Test Entry

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