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The beginning of the end...

<3  It is with some sadness that I am announcing the imminent closure of Demi Dressage. We have two more events (Summer Ice Creams and Back to School Squares) to run in our summer series, and after that, our doors will close.

<3  In some ways, with rising costs and declining entries, this has been a long time coming, and in others it has been an extremely difficult decision - because this really is a little business that has been run for a lot of love and not a lot of money! It has genuinely been a pleasure to put on these events, and see so many young riders benefit in such a variety of ways - and I really will miss that.

<3  However, I have been putting pencil to paper as an artist for a couple of years now, and that is starting to take off... So, it is time for me to dedicate myself more fully to my art and what is hopefully a more profitable way to spend my time and energy.

<3  I'd like to thank absolutely every single one of you, whether you entered one event or you're a regular, for your part in making this little crazy idea I had in the middle of one sleepless night become a five year reality. It really did happen! We've all been part of something very special - a wonderfully supportive, nourishing community that has in it's entire five years seen zero negativity, and a whole host of children come up through the ranks and embrace dressage in a way they never had done before.

<3 Please enjoy the last two months. I'm not saying we'll never be back, because anything could happen, and this may well be something MiniD takes the reins of when she is a little older, but for now, it is time to pause, and I hope that is something you will all understand.

Chesca x

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