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Covid-19 Activities

So many countries - including the UK - have now entered a period of 'lock down' due to this scary virus spreading.

I am sure many children like MiniD are struggling to adjust, and so this page is filled with resources and activities that I hope will help you out if you are 'grounded'. Please share with anyone you feel would benefit, and if you've got any suggestions drop me an email A lot of these activities/downloads will be completely FREE! <3 

We've introduced some NEW Groundwork Tests for April and May - see the Groundwork Tests page for full details and the tests to download. These are £10 entry the same as our ridden dressage tests, and as always the test fee includes UK postage of your sheet and rosette. We've also set up Spring Weekly Challanges, which are geared mostly towards young/novice children as something to help motivate and educate them whilst they can't ride or riding is limited.

Free Downloads

I'll add as much as I can to this section - just some simple little learning sheets, facts and quizzes, colouring etc, to keep your little ones busy for a bit...


Creative Corner

At Christmas, we ran a 'Creative Corner' show, with classes for children to write a story/poem, or design some pony-themed artwork. Check out our facebook page for a free craft competition in April and May.

Some more creative ideas to try at home:

- write a diary entry from the point of view of your pony. It could be about a ride you've enjoyed, a special/funny memory, or perhaps about the coronavirus lock-down and everyone being off school!

- write a short story or poem - bonus marks if it is dressage related!

- draw a picture of your favourite pony, or perhaps get even more creative and make a collage-artwork using cutouts of magazines, coloured paper etc

- draw a picture of where your pony lives (stable or field) what do they need to be happy and comfortable?

- write a review of your favourite horsey product - what couldn't you live without and why? 

We'd love it if you share anything you create with us - perhaps it'll get featured on our page!


Hobby Horse Dressage and Jumping

We ran three Hobby Horse Events in April, and although these are now over, we've left the Hobby Horse Dressage, Agility and Jumping tests available to download below (just click on each thumbnail to view the tests as a PDF file) in case you'd like to still give them a try! Great fun to exercise your children whilst also learning about dressage! 


See our free download above to make your own dressage cones to set up your Hobby Horse arena!


Make a Hobby Horse

Are you a real horsey kid if you've never made or played with a Hobby Horse? 

We'd love you to join us and make one now - there are lots of different ways to do so! MiniD has a half-finished one DemiDad made from an off-cut of wood after a big shed sort out. She's painted it chestnut like Tangle! Now we might finally have time to assemble it....

Once you've made your Hobby Horse, we'd like to invite you to take part in our Hobby Horse Photo Show! Closing date Sunday 5th April. We'll feature all your photos on our Facebook page so you can show your new steed off to the world! FREE to enter, placings 1st to 3rd in two age groups: 8 and under, and over 8's. Send your photos to - clearly identified please :) 

Although this free competition is now over, we'd still love to see any Hobby Horse creativity shared on our Facebook page!

Design a Dressage Test

We're inviting you to design a dressage test! This is just for fun and completely free to enter, but we will give the creator of our favourite test one of our shiny new A4 Demi Dressage 'Learn a Test' boards and pen, along with some treats for your pony - and sweets for you of course!

Required movements: You must enter down the centre line (in walk or trot) from A. You must include a change of rein, some work in both walk and trot (and canter if you wish) and your test must finish by coming down the centre line from A and halting and saluting at G. The test must be a maximum of 5 mins long to ride (we appreciate this may be a 'guesstimate' if you are unable to ride it to test it out, but just as a guide to rein your ideas in from sending us a full 30 minute schooling session lol!) Otherwise - it's up to you!

Please email your entry to - clearly marked with the entrant's name and age :)  Closing date Sunday 12th April.

Although this competition is now over, please do feel free to use the arena diagrams download below. If your child would still like to have a go at designing a test, we'd love it if you send it in to us!

The test can be written out as instructions, or drawn as a sequence of arena diagrams showing the movements - download a template here: 

Wipeable A4 Dressage test board
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