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Spring Weekly Challenges


The Spring Weekly Challenges will run again in May! Start date Monday 4th May - whilst still mostly groundwork based, some of the May Challenges will have ridden options. All other details remain as per April Challenges info below:

The Spring Weekly Challenges have been added in due to requests from those who enjoyed our Weekly Winter Challenges! These Challenges will be similar to our Weekly Winter Challenges, aimed at younger/more novice/nervous children, but due to the Coronavirus Lockdown, ALL of these Challenges will be UN-RIDDEN. You will however need access to your pony.

To take part, you will need to be a Facebook user. Our Spring Weekly Challenges will be set every Monday (starting 6th April) in our private Facebook group "Demi Spring Weekly Challenges". All you have to do is upload a photo or short video proof of your child doing the challenge into the special 'private' group for Spring Weekly Challengers!  (Please note you will only be allowed to join this group once you have paid to take part in the Spring Weekly Challenges: please pay via the Enter Now section, and then request to join the Facebook Group, which you can find via the Demi Dressage Facebook page.)

The cost is £12 for the month (each month comprises four mini "Challenges", set each Monday, to be completed by Sunday evening) All children who take part will receive a Goody Bag* at the end of the month, regardless of how many Challenges they complete. If children complete three or more of the four Challenges, they will receive a rosette in with their Goody Bag too! Challenges set will be educational and all will be based on the ground - unlike our Weekly Winter Challenges there will be no ridden exercises. Provisionally these Spring Challenges are running through April only, but if the lockdown continues we are happy to review!

Whilst we try to keep the equipment needed for the Weekly Challenges to a minimum, you will ideally need access to 'props' such as poles, cones, buckets. Nothing is mandatory, and if you don't have the required equipment it's totally fine to be creative or do your own thing along a similar theme to that set for the week! 

You don't need access to an arena: any enclosed/safe area is fine.

The Winter Weekly Challenges were designed to be an informal way of encouraging your child to engage with their pony throughout the colder winter months - no judging, just for fun! Now, with many children 'grounded' due to the lockdown, we want to offer a Spring alternative for those that are unable to ride. (You can also check out our new Groundwork Tests!) The private Facebook group offered an enjoyable way for children to share their Challenges with others taking part - this all helped to encourage and motivate them, and we'd like to do the same again now in these strange unprecedented times. 

*UK postage only

Chld putting a headcollar on a pony
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