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"Round We Go" April Circles Dressage Results 2023!

Results catch-up for the 'Round We Go' April Circles online dressage event... These child-friendly tests focus on one of the most important dressage movements - the humble circle.

Note - formally called Smarties Easter Circles - due to a discontinuation of Mini Smarties (!) we have re-named this test. The tests themselves remained the same as previous years!

As always, results are published on the Demi Dressage Facebook page in the order they come in, but are published here in class order for ease of reference.


Dropping down to our most simple class, it's the entry-level Greens! These walk-only tests (some with optional trotting) can be ridden on or off the lead rein - and we are very relaxed about having a person on foot nearby in the off-lead section if you've got a young rider at that delicate stage of coming off the lead

All that said, we actually had no off-lead Green riders this month, but some newcomers on the lead rein

GREEN (Lead Rein):

1st - Isla and Gypsy - 73.3%

2nd - Vivian and Del Boy - 70.5%

3rd - Molly and Pandora - 69.4%

4th - Elsie and Del Boy - 62.2%

Our Highest Placed Newcomer rosette this month goes to Vivian and Del Boy!


Last but not least it's the lovely Yellows, with another of our Demi Dressage specials - the Yellow Assisted. We get so many nervous riders at this level, so not only is the test itself designed to be super confidence-boosting, we also have our unique Assisted section, where riders can have an adult in the arena with them for some moral support. This system has helped so many young riders now to gain confidence to ride their tests independently <3


1st - Quinn and Peppa - 70.5%

2nd - Seren and Smurf - 69.5%

3rd - Sebastian and Frazer - 69%

4th - Summer and Bob - 65.7%

YELLOW (Assisted):

1st - Ruby and Gypsy - 76.2%

2nd - Ioan and Blaze - 71%

3rd - Allegra and Hunney - 68.6%

YELLOW (Lead Rein):

1st - Aspen and Wilf - 70%

2nd - Aveline and Endellion - 69.5%

3rd - Jasmine and Louie - 68.1%

4th - Molly and Pandora - 66.7%

Highest Placed Newcomer rosettes go to Seren and Smurf, and Aspen and Wilf in these classes.


Now if I am allowed a favourite, it probably is the Yellow-Plus tests, not least because they were the most fun to write In all seriousness, this is the level we tend to see riders stay at for longest, but it's also probably where we see the most improvement in terms of presenting a test and gaining understanding of the school movements. It's roughly the equivalent of a child-friendly BD Intro. So the standard of riding at this level is often joyful to watch, and maybe it's all of these reasons and more that make Yellow-Plus consistently our most popular class.


1st - Brooke and Just Charlie - 74.1%

2nd - Katie and Longmead Gigi - 72.4%

3rd - Florence and Peppa - 71.1%

4th - Emily and Chester - 68.9%

5th - Sophia and Chloe - 68.3%

6th - Poppy and Lady Bubbles - 65.9%

Our Highest Placed Newcomer rosette in this class goes to Sophia and Chloe.


Down to our favourite class... Just kidding, we have no favourites, but this is a very special class in terms of the content of the tests - it's our Blue class! Blue really is designed as an 'entry level' canter test - the canter movements are designed to be super-friendly and encouraging, to help make that transition to cantering in a test situation. So if your walk and trot is established and you're just getting to grips with 'third gear', give Blue a try - it's not scary, honest!

It's a really (really!) small class this month, which is unusual as the uniqueness of our Blue tests does tend to make it one of our most popular. But we've seen a *huge* drop in Facebook reach over the past couple of months (undoubtedly not helped by my lack of time online following my injury) and that's had an impact on entries sadly!


1st - Isaac and Robbie - 72.8%

HC - MiniD and Maisie - 70.4%

(HC means 'Hors Concurs' ('without competition') - MiniD has reached the age she understands what this means and is pretty disgusted she doesn't get to compete properly - but we didn't want to place anyone in unfair situations! Don't worry, I always find her a spare rosette of some sort :) )


Up first this time for a change, it's our Red and Red-Plus results.

Red is the highest Demi Dressage level, but as we've had a number of riders start to spread their wings a little further over the past year we introduced a Red-Plus class for the 2023 summer season, using The Pony Club tests. Both these tests include a fair amount of canter work and are aimed at riders established in canter.

Results are all very close, with some great improvement shown by all our regulars!


1st - Freya and Eric - 72.1%

2nd - Phoebe and Snowy - 70%

3rd - Isaac and Robbie - 69.6%

4th - Ffion and Poppy - 68.1%


1st - Grace and Prince Llewellyn - 69.6%

2nd - Jed and Songbird - 66.3%

3rd - Olivia and Tulli - 66%

Well done everyone!

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