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Christmas Stocking 2022 Results!

Happy New Year! Our first event of the year was fairly quiet, with many riders unfortunately unable to film due to the bad weather/ground conditions which always makes riding a challenge at this time of year! Nonetheless we had a good spread of entries across all levels and it was particularly pleasing to see strong classes in all three of our higher levels, Yellow-Plus, Blue and Red.

We're also delighted this month to introduce our *new* Harmony Awards: the ethos of Demi Dressage has always been to encourage kind and correct riding. Many riders will be rewarded for this simply in their placings: a harmonious test is more likely to score higher. However, there are times where we see a particularly pleasing test that might not necessarily be the highest scoring, but pony and rider are working well in partnership together, and that is what our new Harmony Awards are about.

This month we awarded three Harmony Awards - congratulations to Briony and Dolly (Red class), Isla and Mr Fox (Yellow-Plus class) and Maya and Mr T (Yellow class).

Results for each class are published on the Demi Dressage Facebook page as they come in, but are posted here in class order for easy reference :)


Green is our entry-level class with the entire test just in walk, a perfect introduction to dressage for very young riders (we have had as young as 2 and 3 year olds!) and those gaining independence off the lead.


1st - Tabitha and Spot - 69.9%

2nd - Martha and Rainbow - 69.4%

3rd - Hattie and Miss Moneypenny - 66.9%

GREEN (Lead Rein):

1st - Lucy and Penny - 64.4%

2nd - Isla and Oscar - 63.4%

3rd - Grace and Tonto - 61.8%

Our Green Fancy Dress Special goes to Hattie and Miss Moneypenny!


Our popular Yellow classes make up the final set of results for the Christmas Stocking Dressage. Split into three sections, the Yellow tests can be ridden on the lead rein, off the lead rein, or bridging the gap in between, our very special Assisted section. It was great to see a high standard and close marks throughout these classes to start off our new season!


1st - Edward and Tiger - 75.5%

2nd - Katie and Star - 75%

3rd - Rubi and Oscar - 73%

4th - Charlie and Peppercorn - 72.3%

5th - Maya and Mr T - 72%

6th - Lila and Mr T - 71%

YELLOW (Assisted):

1st - Hermione and Harvey - 68.5%

2nd - Martha and Phoebe - 68%

3rd - Florence and Peppa - 67.8%

4th - Brooke and Just Charlie - 65.3%

5th - Sophie and Teelings Little Legs - 64.8%

6th - Sam and Lollipop - 63.5%

YELLOW (Lead Rein):

1st - Hattie and Miss Moneypenny - 73%

2nd - Quinn and Peppa - 66.5%

3rd - Mallory and Tangle - 66%

Our Yellow Fancy Dress Specials go to Martha and Phoebe, and Mallory and Tangle!


Always a strong class, Yellow-Plus is the Demi Dressage child-friendly version of a BD Intro test!

1st - Isla and Mr Fox - 78%

2nd - India and Fliss - 76.7%

3rd - Phoebe and Teddy - 70.2%

4th - Finlay and Fifi - 68%

5th - Katie and Star - 67.4%

6th - Dora and Shortcake - 67%

7th - Lilly and Sunny - 66.1%

Our Festive Fancy Dress Special in this class goes to Dora and Shortcake!


Blue is our Demi Dressage special, as it were. The perfect 'intro to canter' class, this level bridges the gap between Intro and Prelim in a very child-friendly and achievable way.

1st - Molly and Lolly - 71%

2nd - Phoebe and Teddy - 70%

3rd - Martha and Jake - 68.5%

4th - Izzy and Ocean Breeze - 67.5%

5th - Emily and Chloe - 66.9%

6th - Amber and Bambi - 65.8%


It was great to see a competitive Red class for our first event of the season! This is currently our highest level, pitched just below BD Prelim.

1st - Briony and Dolly - 74.2%

2nd - Eliza and Cardi - 72.6%

3rd - Ruby and Beau - 71.4%

4th - Immy and Millie - 68.2%

5th - Elly and Chica - 66.4%

6th - Ffion and Rocky the Rockstar - 63.6%

Our Fancy Dress Special in this class goes to Ruby and Beau, as The Grinch!

Well done everyone!

Our next event is the "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" Fun Dressage, and the closing date is Sunday 27th February.

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