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Demi Dressage – online competitions for young riders is an exciting new online dressage platform, exclusively for junior riders!

Building on the growing trend for online competition, Demi Dressage enables young riders to compete with ease from their own yard, by entering online, filming their test and uploading it to be judged at one of our regular competitions.

Any child up to and including the age of 16 can compete with Demi Dressage, making it ideal for children who share or loan a pony either privately or at a riding school as well as those with their own. The unique tests are designed and written to be child-friendly, with five colour-coded class levels Green to Red which cater for all abilities from those on the lead rein or just starting to ride independently in walk, to older and more experienced riders almost ready to progress to Pony Club or British Dressage Intro and Prelim tests.

All tests have a different theme and are written by Demi Dressage to provide a progressive system for young riders to develop their skills and confidence whilst also having fun! As well as standard dressage ‘school movements’, tests also include mounted exercises and occasionally the use of equipment or ‘props’ such as poles or cones to enhance enjoyment.

Online dressage with us has so much to offer – just some benefits include: Thoroughly inclusive – anyone, anywhere can have a go! Tests for a variety of abilities. No need for transport. No need for special show clothes. Compete with confidence from your own yard. Have your riding externally validated by an independent judge. Detailed feedback, and a rosette and sweets in the post!

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