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Hobby Horse Events

Bored at home? Do you normally ride at a riding school that is unable to give lessons at the moment due to the coronavirus? Or have you got your own pony but unable to go to the yard whilst on 'lock down'? These Hobby Horse Events are for you! Open to anyone 16 and under, all you need is a hobby horse, and somewhere to 'ride' it!

Free Entry - Hobby Horse Photo Show

First, you need to make your hobby horse! (NB. shop-bought ones are fine to use too! You can even enter them in this Photo Show if you decorate them up a bit!)

We'd love you to join us and make one now - there are lots of different ways to do so! MiniD has a half-finished one DemiDad made from an off-cut of wood after a big shed sort out. She's painted it chestnut like Tangle! Now we might finally have time to assemble it....​

Once you've made your Hobby Horse, we'd like to invite you to take part in our Hobby Horse Photo Show! Closing date Sunday 5th April. We'll feature all your photos on our Facebook page so you can show your new steed off to the world! FREE to enter, placings 1st to 3rd in two age groups: 8 and under, and over 8's. Send your photos to - clearly identified please :) Entries will be judged on creativity as well as overall looks.


Hobby Horse Dressage Events

Compete from home on your own hobby horse! Just film the test and upload it to us. Have fun, exercise your children and learn about dressage all at the same time!


Once you've found or made your hobby horse, you can get practising for our special Hobby Horse Events. We will have three classes - Dressage, Agility and Jumping. Tests can be downloaded by clicking on the images below.

There will be rosettes to all competitors, along with their score sheet. Tests will be marked in the same way as our usual dressage competitions, so pay attention to your paces and use of the arena! Each test costs £5 to enter.

Closing date 30th April 2020. Please send video test link (ideally uploaded via YouTube or WeTransfer) to

You'll need to mark out an arena in your home or garden. Size doesn't matter - but you will need to have it in the correct proportions and with the letter markers in roughly the right places. A standard arena is 20m wide x 40m long - so you will need to set up a rectangle that is twice as long as it is wide - e.g 10ft x 20ft would be fine. Maybe you could use 'fairy steps' (heel-to-toe steps) as your measuring guide!





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