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Supported Riders




I am really excited to introduce the first ever Demi Dressage Supported Riders!

We narrowed down over one hundred applications made throughout September to just twelve riders and their ponies. And to be honest all twelve of those final riders could have been chosen, for different reasons. So it's been really hard (and actually I failed... ) to choose just two. 

These riders will be a part of Demi Dressage alongside MiniD and Tangle for the 2021 season, and in choosing them I have been keen to remain true to the very core ethos behind Demi Dressage - a child-friendly and encouraging platform for children for whom competing 'live' has its challenges (whatever those may be). So these riders have little or no 'real competition' experience. They're all fairly young, and I feel like I've chosen them at a point where they are ready to start spreading their wings... (Oh yeah, and there's three of them, not just two...!)

You'll be able to read more about our chosen riders and follow them on our Facebook page, website and blog in due course, but for now (and in no particular order!) here they are, along with a brief intro:

Ioan and Blaze

Ioan has competed with Demi Dressage this summer, having a few ups and downs along the way, including a change of pony. His partnership with Blaze is fairly new and I'm looking forward to seeing these two come together over our 2021 season. This pair can be found on Instagram @babyblazeandherboy

Lily and Simba

Lily is completely new to Demi Dressage, and is yet to do her first test with us. She's also really new to riding, having only started this summer! I was really impressed with how dedicated Lily is to her lovely pony, and also how she wishes to inspire others with her journey. You can follow Lily on Instagram @lily_and_simba_pony

Arley and Barney

Arley is another new rider to Demi Dressage and I came across him through his mum's business Rainbow Pony Publishing earlier this year. Often over-shadowed by his pony-mad little sister, Arley is at about the same age and stage of riding that MiniD was when Demi Dressage started, and getting these little riders off to a positive start on their dressage journey really is what Demi Dressage is all about. You can follow Arley on Instagram @equineadventuresofarleyandboo

I'm thrilled that we had so many young boys apply, we had some fantastic combinations shortlisted, and honestly it's been super hard to choose just one (okay, two ) because I'm really pleased to see how people are getting behind the idea #boyscanridetoo ! And so that's why I have chosen two boys, alongside one more girl to join ranks with MiniD - but I am sad I couldn't choose them all! 

Once again thank you to *everyone* that applied, thank you for your support of Demi Dressage, and a special big thanks to our shortlisted riders that I unfortunately couldn't choose this year... Whilst not officially our 'Supported Riders' I do hope you will always find support in this special little Demi Dressage community and continue to enjoy your ponies and riding! 

🤩 Demi Dressage – Supported Rider Package 🤩

Here's a reminder of what our lucky three riders will receive over the 2021 season:


🌈A year’s worth of free entries to Demi Dressage competitions (one entry per event, starting with the first event in our 2021 yearly cycle, the Christmas Stocking 2020 competition)

🌈An exclusive ‘2021 Supported Rider’ Demi Dressage branded t-shirt, personalised with their name or social media tag

🌈An exclusive Demi Dressage embroidered saddlecloth

🌈A ‘Welcome to Demi Dressage’ training package, including our Welcome Pack (which includes a ‘learn a test diagram’, test log, Demi Dressage pencil and sweets) as well as a video training session (note: not live!) and bespoke feedback to get you started on your journey as a supported rider

🌈A Demi Dressage ‘Happy Birthday’ rosette posted out for your birthday!

🌈Social media coverage on our platforms and website – we’d like to include photos and video snippets but will of course protect your online privacy and security at all times


In return for this amazing package (worth over £150!) our chosen riders will be involved in supporting and promoting Demi Dressage over the year. In turn, we hope visitors to our site as well as other competitors will enjoy following their progress over the year in regular updates on our Blog  and social media pages. 


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