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Summer League 2020


Our 'short format' Summer League ran from June to August! Incorporating three events - the June "Summer Ice Creams", July's new "Unicorn Waterfall" and the August "Back To School Squares",- 175 child-and-pony combinations competed to gain points in our Summer League tables. Our Champions and Reserve Champions are listed below, along with our 'Special' Most Improved Riders this summer. Congratulations to all our Summer League riders!


Champion - Eliza and Breeze

Reserve - Isaac and Ben

Most Improved - Ioan and Blaze

Green Lead Rein:

Champion - Hector and Hunney

Reserve - Carys and Danny

Most Improved - Hollie and Basil


Champion - Sterre and Bumble

Reserve - Isabella and Missy

Most Improved - Jess and Alvin

Yellow Lead Rein (including Assisted class July/August):

Champion - Eliza and Firecracker

Reserve - Edward and Tiger

Most Improved - Harper and Blue


Champion - Anna and Mia

Reserve - Sterre and Bumble

Most Improved - Lewi Jai and Toffee/Carrick


Champion - Chloe and Mickey

Reserve - Freya and Floss / Gabriella and Phoebe

Most Improved - Skyla and Luigi


Champion - Anna and Gwen

Reserve - Polly and Rosie

Summer League Champions will receive a beautiful Demi Dressage Champion rosette, an exclusive Demi Dressage t-shirt with their name below the logo (see MiniD's #minidandtangle example below!) and a free entry to our Half Term Dressage/Prix Caprilli.

Reserve Champions will receive a beautiful  Demi Dressage Reserve Champion rosette, and a free entry to our Half Term Dressage/Prix Caprilli.


Summer League Points Tables - Final

FINAL - Green.png
FINAL - GreenLR.png
FINAL - Yellow.png
FINAL - YellowLR.png
FINAL - YellowPLus.png
FINAL - Blue.png
FINAL - Red.png

The boring bits - Summer League notes/restrictions:

To keep it fair for all competitors, please be realistic about the level you are entering (for existing competitors, do not enter them at a level below that at which they have previously been competing successfully just to score league points - we will notice, and it won't be allowed! If there are genuine reasons for them dropping down a level please discuss with us (if you haven't already!) For new competitors, feel free to contact us if you are unsure which Rider Level will be most suitable for you, we're happy to provide guidance.)

As per our Rules, you are of course very welcome to enter more than one level (class) at each event, but please remember we only allow each pony and rider combination to enter two adjacent levels (Rule 2). If one rider has two different ponies, they can choose their level/s based on what is appropriate for each combination.

2019 Summer League Champions will regretfully not be eligible to collect league points at the level at which they won last year, again this is to keep it fair for all competitors. (Please note for the riders who this applies to - they *do not* have to move up a level if they don't want to, they just won't be able to collect points and potentially win the league at the same level two years in a row - I hope this makes sense!)

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