Our exclusive Demi Dressage Welcome Pack includes gifts for your child and a host of useful tips and information for you! For just £3.50 (including UK postage) it includes:

- Demi Dressage Pencil

- 'My Demi Dressage Journey' Test Log Card

- Demi Dressage Wipe-able Arena Diagram and Riding Tips

- *NEW* Demi Dressage Sticker

- Mini packet of sweets (may vary)

- Videoing Tips to help maximise your rider's marks

- Information on our Rider Levels and classes, and a copy of our Rules


The Welcome Pack is also available with a mini rosette, this option costs £4.50


If you have two children, the Welcome Pack can be sent with an extra set of gifts, for a total cost of £6.


The Welcome Pack with Gift Voucher (£13.50) can be purchased with a pre-paid test entry Gift Voucher (worth £10 for a single test entry) - making it an ideal present for sharers/loaners, yard helpers or a child relative you don't want to buy 'stuff' for. Please use the 'Welcome Pack Plus Gift Voucher' option on this page if you don't wish to enter the current event, but rather offer an entry as a Gift Voucher which the rider can use at a later date (time limit applies).


If you are buying a Welcome Pack to accompany a test entry for the current event, please enter the appropriate class using the Dressage Test Entry option here:  https://www.demidressage.co.uk/product-page/dressage-test-entry-demi-dressage


Welcome Packs / Welcome Pack with Gift Voucher can be posted overseas - additional postage (£4.50 Europe, £6 USA/Canada, £7 ROW) will be added when you check out.

Welcome Pack

PriceFrom £3.50