Our popular 'Welcome Packs' are now available as Gift Bundles! Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, to welcome a new pony/the start of a riding journey, or as an introduction to online competing. There are various options available:


Welcome Pack with Demi Dressage Gift:


- Welcome Pack with mini rosette (not pictured) and rainbow gloves - £7.50

- Welcome Pack with mini rosette (not pictured) and coloured hoofpick (colour varies) - £7.50

- Welcome Pack with mini rosette and orange leadrope - £7.50 (UK only - due to overseas parcel postage costs!)


Welcome Pack with Rainbow Pony Publishing Book:


- Welcome Pack with Pony Colouring Book, Pony Fun Activity Book (recommended age 8+ although MiniD got hers at 6 and loved it!) Cross Country Colouring Book or Unicorn Colouring Book (not yet pictured - and featuring our very own Tangle-corn!) - all £11.50 each

- Welcome Pack with 'Colour Your Own' Pony Planner - £14.50 (the planner is NOT year-specific, so can be started at any time through the year and used for a full 12 months)

All with a mini Demi Dressage rosette. Buying through Demi Dressage this way effectively gives you free postage on your Rainbow Pony Publishing gift <3 


Our exclusive Demi Dressage Welcome Pack is ideal if you are new to online competing. It includes gifts for your child and a host of useful tips and information for you! The standard pack includes:

- Demi Dressage Pencil (colour may vary)

- 'My Demi Dressage Journey' Test Log Card

- Demi Dressage A5 Wipe-able Arena Diagram and Riding Tips

- *NEW* Demi Dressage Sticker

- Mini packet of sweets (may vary)

- Videoing Tips to help maximise your rider's marks

- Information on our Rider Levels and classes, and a copy of our Rules

(Welcome Packs can be purchased on their own here: £3.50 for a single Welcome Pack, £4.50 for one with a mini rosette, and £6 for a pack sent with two sets of gifts for siblings or friends) 


Welcome Pack Gift Bundles can be posted overseas for an additional cost to cover postage. This is calculated automatically at the checkout.

Welcome Pack Gift Bundle

PriceFrom £7.50